It’s been a heck of a Sunday afternoon as we have been informed that WWE has recently released several wrestlers from their roster out of their current contracts. Those wrestlers include Luke Harper, Sin Cara and well as Konnor and Viktor, of the tag team The Ascension.

WWE issued a statement post on their website as well as all their social media accounts announcing the news:


Last month, we reported that several wrestlers had asked the company for their release. Many of them were from months in advance. In as such, the company had yet to comply and release them at the time. It is a bit of a surprise that they have now been granted their official release many months later.


Many were speculating that the reason for not complying with their releases was because WWE may have wanted to strong-arm those superstars to not leave for All-Elite Wrestling (AEW) and make more money.

Harper and Sin Cara were names that we knew of. Harper had requested his release following a lackluster return, Creative never having anything for him, barely booked and such. Sin Cara on the other hand, was feeling frustrated that he wasn’t being properly used as talent and just wanted to work. Konnor and Viktor also were names caught by surprise. The Ascenscion had a pretty dominant run as a tag team before being relegated to lower-card talent on the roster.

Another name that was quietly released recently was Jordan Myles, who asked for his release after claiming the company was racist towards him. Myles was going by ACH and has quit the business of wrestling altogether. Surprising, NXT star Orney Lorcan, who requested his release a couple of months back and was negatively very vocal of the company for not granting his release, took to Twitter to confirm that he had re-signed a multi-year contract.

If Harper, Sin Cara and The Ascenscion being released are any indication, WWE has loosen the reins in regards to releases. However, we may be expecting another set of releases anytime soon throughout this week or in weeks to come ▪