The following are the results of the November 25th, 2019 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw, that emanated live from All-State Arena in Chicago, Il.

1. Segment: We open the show to see the entire locker room surrounding the ring. Seth Rollins steps inside the ring, as the losing record last night for Raw is being brought up. “CM Punk” chants here, unsurprising, still in Chicago and here’s Seth. He says he tried to get him here, but he didn’t show up. He wants to sit behind a desk in LA and talk about a change that he’s too afraid to try and make himself. But this isn’t about him, it’s about this locker room. “NXT” chant starts up. Agrees with them, saying last night NXT mopped the floor with Raw. Pop. Seth says he hates that because he’s been a fan of Monday Night Raw his entire life. Mentions many past greats. But to see what it has become, it breaks his heart. This show is better than that. Seth addresses the roster around him and says this will be harsh, but last night, they all sucked. Unsurprisingly they’re not too happy about that. Chants of “You Suck”, “So Do You”. Rollins says he’s trying to do the right thing and right the ship here, we all dropped the ball. RAW went from being the A-Show to the C-Show. We need to take that Raw flag and plant it into the ground and make this place great again. Boos intensify. Seth says he believes in Monday Night Raw. If anyone wants to speak up, now would be the time. He singles out Randy Orton, who gets a decent reaction. Seth says he was the weak link on the squad last night. Asks if he has anything to say. Randy opts to just turn and leave. Seth tells him to go ahead and leave, he’s been here long enough, go ahead and leave. Seth turns to Charlotte, calls her a leader, meant to lead the ladies into the Survivor Series match last night but wasn’t even the last standing for Team Raw. “And you call yourself a Flair!” Seth got heat for that. She, too, turns and leaves. Seth turns to AOP who weren’t on the show last night, how they’ve been talking for weeks about violence for the sake of violence, could’ve used them. AOP make their leave quickly. Seth says Rey Mysterio, more than anybody, let everyone down! Big boos from the crowd. Seth says he took down Lesnar twice and brought the title back. Rey couldn’t do it with a lead pipe and his dumb kid helping him out! Huge heat for that. Rey leaves as the crowd chants “Asshole”. Seth is outraged at the response. Says these are the things they’re all thinking. The entire roster has drifted away, except for Kevin Owens who comes up onto the apron. Crowd chants his name. Seth says in case you didn’t know, his new name is Mr. NXT. But says this is a Town Hall Meeting, this is an open forum, come in and say what you gotta say. Owens enters the ring. Seth says this is coming from his heart, he loves this place, these ropes, this canvas, every single guy and girl in the back, he sleeps, he eats, he breathes Monday Night Raw because he wants it to be the best show on the planet. It’s not about him. But what does Kevin do? Says he just shows up, he’s a lazy piece of crap. You want his spot, you want to be Seth Rollins? Tells him he’ll never be Seth Rollins. Starts to reel himself back, says he’s coming from a good place. This is the right thing to do. Owens hesitates then hits Rollins with a Stunner! Rollins came off as a heel.

2. Segment: After commercial, Seth says he’s disgusted. Kayla Braxton asks if he failed at what he hoped. Rollins is mad, saying Owens will have to learn things the hard way. So tonight, him and Kev, in the ring – that’s a challenge Kev, see you out there.

3. Segment: Lashley and Lana emerge as we see Rusev being thrown out of the arena due to the restraining order. Titus O’Neil is in the ring.

4. Match: Bobby Lashley vs. Titus O’Neil ends in DQ after Rusev jumps from the crowd to attack Lashley and they brawl all over the entrance and onto the broadcast table. The police come in to grab Rusev and is handcuffed. Lana helps Lashley off the table, until Rusev breaks free from the cops and dashes forward for a shoulder block that knocks Lashley off the stage! Huge “Rusev Day” chants as the cops struggle with Rusev, as he kicks at a steel framing and it falls onto Lashley! Huge pop from the crowd! Rusev is angry as he’s pulled away, shouting, “I’m mad!” Lana is stunned!

5. After commercial, we see backstage that Lashley has been stretchered off during the break.

6. Match: AOP (Akam & Razar) defeat Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder with their Neckbreaker/Powerbomb finisher on Hawkins.

7. Matcn: Andrade defeats Akira Tozawa with the Hammerlock DDT.

8. Segment: Aleister Black backstage cutting a promo and warns Buddy Murphy that he’ll wish he hadn’t picked a fight with him.

9. The old Hardyz music hits and out comes Matt Hardy! He’s got the broken hair but wearing his throwback 90s gear.

10. Match: Buddy Murphy defeats Matt Hardy with the Kamigoye knee strike for the win!

11. Segment: Bleeding from the nose, Murphy gets on the mic and calls out Aleister Black, mockingly saying he will pick a fight with him. Black makes his dramatic entrance, and heads to the ring! Murphy charges, but takes a leg kick, hits his spinning back elbow and a push kick, and then a knee to the face! This knocks Murphy to the outside and is now struggling to stand! He stumbles around ringside as Aleister stands ready. The crowd chants “Aleister”. Murphy jumps to the apron, but Black doesnt even flinch. Buddy opts to back off back up the ramp as Black’s music plays.

12. Backstage, Charly Caruso addresses Charlotte Flair about last night’s Survivor Series match. She says that she never claimed to be a team player, she was just the only one qualified to Team Raw. Says Asuka obviously is still bitter about losing the SmackDown Women’s title to her this year, and no one can forget her ending the undefeated streak and destroying her mystique. Tonight she’s going to remind her that she is the 10-time Women’s Champion and the Queen and ends with a “Wooo!”

13. AJ Styles is in the ring for his title defense, Humberto Carrillo makes his way out – but the OC jump him before he makes it into the ring! He fights back as best he can, but eats a Magic Killer onto the steps! OC converge into the ring as Ricochet comes to check on Humberto. AJ with a mic says it doesn’t sound good for Humberto, he does seem medically cleared for tonight’s match. Says that’s unfortunate, it really is. And speaking of unfortunate, he thought Ricochet was a superhero! But he didn’t make it out in time to save his little buddy here. OC mocks him for not bringing his cape. Ricochet with a mic, asks if this is what the great AJ Styles has become, taking out anyone who might take the US title off of him. Ricochet says how about he challenge him for the United States Championship! AJ turns him down, says he signed for a match with Humberto and Humberto alone and he just got carried to the back. Randy Orton interrupts! Says he thinks the people of Chicago would love nothing more than to see him RKO AJ Styles’ ass right through the canvas. Demands that he put his title up for grabs against him tonight. Chants of “RKO”. AJ says maybe he forgot but the last time the two of them were competing against each other, it was in a bigger and better city. Orton doesn’t disagree. AJ brings up that he beat him at WrestleMania, has nothing to prove to two guys that he’s already beaten. Now Drew McIntyre’s theme hits. Drew talks himself up for having a sexy accent, beating the Monster Among Men and defeating the UK Champ Walter. Says Chicago doesn’t deserve the match but challenges AJ Styles anyhow. AJ tells him after stealing the show last night, he’s a little sore. Rey Mysterio emerges now, says last night he stepped in and out of a fight against Brock Lesnar and you don’t hear him complaining. All Seth is doing is making up excuses because he doesn’t want to defend that US title. But he doesn’t wanna let him cheat these people from Chi-Town out of a title match. Huge pop! Demands it be the two of them for the US title. AJ brushes everyone, says they haven’t earned anything and on principle alone, he declines! Ricochet suggests that the four of them have a four way and the winner goes on to challenge AJ Styles for the US title tonight! AJ says that sounds ridiculous, but Gallows likes the idea. So he asks Karl instead, Anderson says it’s pretty cool. AJ then tells them they’re on – they can beat the crap out of each other and he’ll pick the bones! The match is next!!!

14. Match: Rey Mysterio defeats Ricochet, Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre in a Fatal Four-Way for a shot at the US title.

15. WWE United States Championship Match: Rey Mysterio defeats AJ Styles to become champ when the ref gets accidentally knocked out and OC enter the ring and attacks Rey! Orton shockingly runs in for the save, takes out Gallows and Anderson. In the ring, AJ tries the Phenomenal Forearm but Orton evades! Mysterio nails the 619 on AJ! Then Orton hits the RKO to AJ! Mysterio hits with the springboard frog splash from the top rope and gets the win to a huge pop from the crowd!

16. Segment: Backstage, Owens takes up the mic and says he knows Seth is doing everything he can to make this company better and make this show better. He says Seth looks at him and says he’s not everything he could be and should strive to be more. But Owens says the difference between the two of them is that Kevin has known who he is for the last 20 years, ever since he first laced up the boots. He knows who he is. He will always be Kevin Owens and he is perfectly fine with that. But Rollins has tried his hardest to be what he thinks the company needs him to be, but it’s only turned him into a miserable, whiny piece of crap. He says Mr. Crossfit can call him Mr. NXT if he wants to, because he will turn Monday Night Rollins into the Kevin Owens Show.

17. Match: Asuka defeats Charlotte Flair when Kairi Sane emerges from the crowd to inteferes and distracts the referee so Asuka can spit the green mist into Charlotte’s face!

18. Match: Erick Rowan defeats Local Jobber after two chokeslams and a big boot.

19. Segment: Backstage, The OC are despondent. AJ stammers, seemingly unable to respond. Keeps seething. Finally says “Randy Orton…” and they walk off.

20. Segment: Kayla Braxton is backstage with Lana. Lana says that her soon-to-be-ex husband Rusev is a danger to himself and all of society, so she’s had to petition multiple courts with multiple restraining orders. Claims that he is obsessed with her and WWE should fire him and send that animal straight back to Bulgaria. She says that many are asking about her Bobby’s condition after the attack. But she’s handling it. After that very traumatic experience, she’s going to be okay. Thanks her for asking.

21. Match: Kevin Owens defeats Seth Rollins via DQ win after AOP interfere and attack Owens with ring post strikes, followed by a running big boot and a GTS knee strike. The AOP confront Rollins but they leave. Rollins then hits Owens with multiple Stomps as the show fades to black.