WWE Monday Night RAW – 09/09/19 – (Results)

The following are the results of the September 9th, 2019 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw, that emanated live from Madison Swuare Garden in New York City, : N

1. We kick things off with the contract signing with Stone Cold Steve Austin returning! Braun Strowman comes in first, followed Seth Rollins. They meet in the ring and after a few verbal exchanges and Austin moderating, the contract is signed and the match is now official! The OC (AJ Styles, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows) interrupt and AJ and Austin also has an exchange of words, mostly AJ mocking Austin. Eventually Austin patiently moves the table and confronts AJ but Rollins and Strowman attack The OC. They run off Gallows and Anderson out of the ring, leaving AJ alone with his back turned to Austin. As if on cue, the crowd rises go their feet in anticipation as – you guessed it! – Austin hits AJ with an awesome stunner! The NYC crowd roared in approval! AJ is out cold and took the Stunner like a champ! After commercial, AJ is still laid out in the ring as his opponent of the night makes his way out: Cedic Alexander! And we have a match!

2. Match: Cedric Alexander defeats AJ Styles by disqualification after he pulled from the ring and attacked by Gallows and Anderson!
After the match, The OC gang up on Cedric the Viking Raiders run in to make a save! They beat up all three members and run them off as they stand tall alongside Cedric.

3. Segment: Backstage, we have Sasha Banks and Bayley delivering a promo claiming there’s no stronger connection than theirs.

4. Firefly Funhouse segment is advertised for tonight.

5  A Connor’s Cure advert plays, narrated by Roman Reigns. This leads into Roman making his way out onto the stage. He mentions that last year he announced the return of his leukemia, crediting the audience for their love and support helping him heal. Roman claims this has made him change his goals. To use his power to pay it forward for others like the people did for him. He talks about going to a local hospital to visit the children, but asks, “Why go to them when we can bring them to us?” He introduces a bunch of children. Julius, the Sarcoma Warrior, Antonio “The Arrival”, Miguel “The Mighty M”, Liam “The Red Ninja” and Liana “Lilly Terror”. Roman says the little warriors have been through the biggest fights of their lives and are still standing here, stronger than ever. But the work isn’t done. As they’re showing their victories, there are others just beginning their fight. So he urges everyone to give their support.

6. Backstage, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair are warming up and preppring for their tag match. Both women are serious and give each other stares and looks of disdain and lack of trust. They are both angry, given the events of the past weeks involving Sasha and Bayley.

7. Match: Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair defeat Sasha Banks & Bayley after Charlotte hits Bayley with the Natural Selection for the win!

8. Backstage, The OC is walking by and a new backstage interviewer puts the mic up in AJ’s face, which upsets him! He says the OC runs the place but before he can say anything else, he is interripted by Robert Roode and Dolph. They suggest that could be true for The OC, if they enlist their help. Ziggler claims that they all have mutual enemies. AJ agrees and five men bump fists in accordance.

9. Match: Rey Mysterio defeats Gran Metalik when Rey connects with the 619 from the middle rope, followed by a frog splash! After the match, Rey and Metalik shake hands and bond over mutual sign of respect!

10. Segment: Cedric is backstage talking to Seth and Braun. We can’t hear anything but it would seem like we are hinted at a huge main event.

11. Back from commercial break, we are shown a graphic that tonite’s main event is a 10-man tag-team match: Rollins, Braun, Cedric & The Viking Raiders vs. The OC, Roode and Ziggler!

12. Segment: Backstage, Ford and Dawkins, The Street Profits, are freaking out about the match’s  announcement. They hype up the triple-threat semi-finals match for the KoTR and Clash of Champions. They also give a rundown of all the matches scheduled for the event!Dawkins chooses Sasha beating Becky and takes a moment to let Sasha know that she was right: Blue is her color!

13. Match: KoTR Semi-Finals Triple Threat: Baron Corbin defeats Samoa Joe and Ricochet after Corbin steals the pinfall from Ricochet after his 630 splash. Corbin dragged Ricochet outside of the ring and sent him over the railing, then ran inside and pinned Joe. Corbin now faces either Elias or Chad Gable after tomorrow’s finals on Smackdown Live!

14. Match: Natalya defeats Lacey Evans (in a rematch from last week) and she counters Evan’s Springing Bronco Buster from the turnbuckle with her feet up and locks in the Sharpshooter for the submission win!

15. We are shown a set of clips from filmed earlier before Raw went on the air where basketball star Enes Kanter showed up, clotheslined R-Truth and pinned him to become 24/7 Champion. He celebrates by opening his shirt and revealing a Boston Celtics jersey, which prompts the NY crowd to boo him! However, Truth capitalizes with a roll-up pin and gets the title back! Truth is now a 15-time Champ! Cole informs us that R-Truth will have to defend his title in some capacity at Clash of Champions, since all titles are scheduled to be on the line that night.

16. Segment: Bray Wyatt welcomes us to the Firefly Funhouse with a Spanish accent? The Ramblin’ Rabbit springs up and yells ‘Stranger Danger’. The stranger in question is apparently Stone Cold Steve Austin as it is noted that Abigail’s clock has been stuck at 3:16 ever since Stone Cold came by. The puppets seem to be alluding that guests appearing on Raw are considered ‘strangers’ and that’s why The Fiend always attacks them. Bray hits the clock with a hammer until it comes to 11:19! Bray says Austin is and always be a rattlesnake and that you can’t blame a rattlesnake for doing rattlesnake things. He also says that strangers are just friends you haven’t made yet, and uses tonite’s 10-man tag team match as an example, but unfortunately friends won’t help where you’re going, tbat friends forgive but the Fiend never forgets! Then he ends with ‘See you in Hell’!

17. Match: Rollins, Braun, Cedric & The Viking Raiders defeat The OC, Roode and Ziggler in the 10-man tag main event after Cedric counters AJ’s Phenomenal Forearm with the Lumbar Check for the win!

18. Segment: The sound glass of the breaking glass hits and it’s Austin again making his way to the ring! He celebrates with Rollins, Braun, Cedric and the Raiders with a traditional-style beer bath to end the show!