WWE Monday Night Raw – 08/19/19 – (Results)

The following are the results of the August 19th, 2019 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw, that emanated live from St. Paul, MN:

1. Segment: Roman Reigns opens the show as his music hits making his way to ringside. Michael Cole and Renee Young welcome us and with them, Jerry “The King” Lawler, who is serving as guest commentator and will interview Sasha Banks on the ‘King’s Court’. A video package recap is shown regarding Roman’s recent attacks. Out comes Dolph Ziggler who makes his way to ringside as well. Ziggler says that man-to-man he’s glad Roman is ok. But demands why Roman’s getting all the attention when he’s being speared by Goldberg three times! He’s been so out of it he got beaten by Maryse’s husband, Miz, with Ric Flair’s own move, the Figure-Four Leg Lock! Out of nowhere, he superkicks Roman via a cheapshot!

2. Match: Roman Reigns defeated Dolph Ziggler after a vicious spear!

3. Video recap package is shown of Sasha Banks’ return and vicious attack on Natalya Neidhart and Becky Lynch.

4. Segment: Becky Lynch is shown via pre-recording where she addresses Becky Lynch appears on screen for a promo. She says last week Sasha Banks beat her stupid with a chair. Becky says people want to know why she keeps challenging the locker room but it’s because she wants the best, most aggressive version of the people challenging her. That’s what Sasha Banks is at the moment, and she has The Man to thank for that. Becky says that, a few months ago, Banks ran away from WWE with her career as cold as ever. Now she’s hot as ever. She asks what Banks did on her four month vacation that made her so hot? Absolutely nothing. Lynch did it all. A few press interviews by Lynch made Banks the top dog in 2019. Sasha Banks is the greatest woman on the roster to never be great. Lynch says Banks can swing her chair and wear the dollar store glasses all she likes. The bottom line is she put more work into getting Banks into WWE than Banks did. Why did it take Lynch to unleash the real Banks? The greats don’t need to be goaded, because this is a cat and mouse game. She says that when she does get her, she’ll give her something to go home and cry about!

5. Segment: Jerry “The King” Lawler is ringside for his King’s Court segment. He goes on to discuss his guest Sasha Banks but cannot overlook discussing the King Of The Ring tournament. He even goes over the brackets on the TitanTron and says his picks for Raw were Ricochet and Cedric Alexander and for Smackdown…but before he could answer, the lights go out and The Fiend Bray Wyatt attacks Lawler with the Mandible Claw.

6. Match: Ricochet and The Miz defeated Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin after Ricochet pinned Corbin.

7. Segment: Michael Cole interviews Hall Of Famer and former KoTR winner, Booker T. Booker T talks how the tournament changed his career and you only have to look at previous winners to see that. As for who he thinks will win, Booker says King Drew.

8. Match: Braun Strowman defeats AJ Styles via disqualification after Raw tag team champions, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows interfere in the match. The OC proceed to attack and beat up

9. Samie Joe is seen walking backstage towards the ring. Most likely heading to face Cesaro in the KoTR qualifying match.

10. Braun is seen walking backstage and Rollins approaches him. Rollins says he isn’t stupid, he knows where this is going. He knows Braun has been eyeing his Universal Championship, but they’ll get to that and he thinks Braun should be his next challenger. In the meantime though, he’s thinking the two of them against Gallows and Anderson tonight, for the Tag Team Championships. Strowman doesn’t say anything and Seth says “a man of few words, I like that.”

10. Match: Samoa Joe defeats Cesaro via The Kokina Clutch Submission in a spectacular brawl as the opening qualifying match for the KoTR tournament.

11. Segment: Elias is ringside and announces his farewell concert. He has too much going on with the 24/7 title. As he begins to sing, he notices his guitar is out of tune and berates the stagehand and orders him to bring him a new guitar. The stagehand brings a new guitar and reveals himself as R-Truth. Elias and R-Truth have a brief exchange and tries for a roll-up, which Elias escapes at a two-count. Truth goes for his patented scissors-kick and connects! He grabs Elias’ guitar and proceeds to hit him but he escapes running away as Truth shouts he wants his baby back!

12. Segment: Charlie Caruso is backstage and welcomes Rey Mysterio and talks about his losses to Andrade and ripping off his masks, unable to avenge the losses and has questioned his future. What Andrade did is an insult to a luchadore. Rey said the time comes to all where his injuries have caught up to him and could force early retirement but his son, Dominic, interrupts and tells him not to retire or quit. To fight and continue training him the same way his great uncle, Rey Mysterio, Sr. did and wants to tell his children that he got to wrestle and train with their grandfather as his tag team partner.

13. Match: The New Day (Xavier Woods and Big E) defeat The Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder) by disqualification after Randy Orton interfered and performed an RKO on Big E. After the match, Orton and The Revival beat up The New Day. The Revival injured Xavier’s leg as Kofi looked on helpless.

14. Segment: Michael Cole interviews Sasha Banks via live backstage satellite. Cole asks Sasha about her vicious attack towards Natalya as she was having an emotional talk about her late dad, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. Sasha thanks Cole for the chance and says it’s been a crazy week. She says last week she looked in the mirror and told herself to lose her colour. She pulls her blue hair and says it’s been the talk of social media. She says she looks good and feels better. Cole says that, with all due respect, nobody is talking about her hair. He says her attack on Natalya and Becky Lynch is what people are talking about, and asks why. Banks leans forward and says “You’re Welcome” before walking off.

15. Match: Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross defeat Fire & Desire (Mandy Rose and Sonya DeVille) when Cross pinned DeVille in women’s tag team action.

16. Match: Cedric Alexander defeats Sami Zayn with the Lumbar Check in a KoTR qualifying match!

17. Segment: Backstage, NXT tag tram champions, The Street Profits are watching and comparing their predictions for King of the Ring. Ford says his brackets are looking good, while Dawkins screws up his paper and tosses it. They rhyme off the rest of the matches before Dawkins asks why they don’t have a Kings of the Ring tournament for tag teams. Ford says that’s because Street Profits are already the kings around here. He says he’s already got the crown and the chain. Dawkins then mentions that we still have the Raw Tag Team Championship match tonight, and Ford says it’s going to be show-stopping, heart-dropping, and it’s next.

18. Segment: Gallows and Anderson are backstage, arguing about having to defend their titles tonight. Styles walks in and says that this is a good thing because it allows them to prove their dominance, because they are the original and the only Club that matters.

19. Segment: Natalya is backstage, with arm in a sling. She says she just came from the WWE doctor and been a week since she bared her soul on Raw, between that and losing to Becky Lynch and the anniversary of her father’s passing, she expected it to be emotional. But she didn’t expect Sasha Banks. She says Sasha was one of her closest friends but that’s why she can’t wrap her head around why she would do what she did. Sasha then attacks Nattie out of nowhere and shoves her into some production crate and kicks her arm. Banks then says “go to hell Nattie, and tell your daddy I said hi.”

18. Match: Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman defeat The OC (Anderson & Gallows) after Braun hits Anderson with the running powerslam and pins him, while Seth hits an interfering Styles with The Stomp to become new Raw tag team champions! Seth is now a dual Champion with his 5th tag team reign and Strowman is in his 2nd. The two of them pose on the ring posts with their newly won tag team titles as the show goes ogf the air.