RUMOR: Ray Park’s Future as Darth Maul In Question After Social Media Scandal

After a disturbing Instagram post, Ray Park’s future as Darth Maul is now up in air.

Ray Park’s future as Darth Maul is now up in air after a sexually graphic video was posted on his Instagram page. The post was almost immediately taken down but it was up long enough to get fans talking to the point that Ray Park was a trending topic on Twitter. We won’t discuss the actual video because there’s no need to but as word spread like wildfire across the internet, it is being reported that Lucasfilm will be moving forward without Ray Park in the role of Darth Maul.

Ray Park

For those wondering what that means, well, prior to this report it was being reported that Darth Maul would be appearing in multiple live-action Star Wars Disney+ series in the coming years. That meant that Ray Park would once again become the Sith Lord to hunt down some Jedi. The last time we saw Ray Park as Darth Maul was in Solo: A Star Wars Story where he made a brief cameo and was revealed to be the big bad behind the scenes moving the chess pieces around.

With the Obi-Wan solo series in the works it was presumed that Darth Maul would be making an appearance there. New rumors circulating that Lucasfilm is looking to continue the story from Solo: A Star Wars Story on Disney+ and that could also mean a minor role or cameo for Darth Maul as well. But with what transpired this past weekend on Ray Park’s Instagram it seems like his future as Darth Maul will no longer a thing.

Ray Park

I want to emphasize that these reports are all rumors for now and nothing has been officially announced to the public by Disney or Lucasfilm. While we have seen Disney fire and rehire Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn for his past tweets. We are left to wonder how Disney/Lucasfilm will handle this situation seeing how it’s a present one.

We’ll keep you all updated as more details emerge and as this story develops.

Source: Star Wars Unity

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