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‘Naomi’ Episode 2 Review – Unidentified Flying Object


Things are getting quite heavy really, really early for our new hero. Episode 2 of “Naomi” finds Naomi on a mission to find out the secrets of her origins when she finds out that she’s not from Earth and that she’s developing powers. Naomi is in utter disbelief when Dee, the mysterious tattoo guy reveals that not only she has powers, but that he has powers too. Unfortunately, Naomi doesn’t get too far in her findings as Dee hesitates to give her information, and her foster parents don’t know anything beyond the fact that her parents died in a crash.

Thereafter, Naomi seeks the help of her friends, and they journey into the woods to find proof of any potential UFO crashes from 2004. Eventually, Naomi meets a man named Steve, a man who had similar experiences of passing out after hearing a mysterious buzzing noise like her. Soon after meeting Steve and learning his story, Naomi, and her friends locate a warehouse that has similar markings as the disc that Naomi found in the previous episode.

Naomi Episode 2 Review The Nerdy Basement
Naomi — “Unidentified Flying Object” — Image Number: NMI102a_0071r — Pictured (L-R): Aidan Gemme as Jacob, Mary-Charles Jones as Annabelle, Kaci Walfall as Naomi, Will Myers as Anthony and Camila Moreno as Lourdes — Photo: Danny Delgado/The CW — © 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

As Naomi investigates the markings with her friends, Zumbado arrives and runs Naomi’s friends away, leaving her behind. Upon his all too sudden arrival, Zumbado warns Naomi that it’s best for her to stay out of the situation. A situation that has yet to be revealed. Naomi begins to question what he knows about a UFO crash on the day she was adopted. With none of her questions answered and yet another mysterious adult unwilling to give answers, Zumbado attacks Naomi, and he disappears as suddenly as he came.

Finally, after spending the majority of the episode denying, and sometimes questioning her developing powers, Naomi then returns to Dee, accepting the truth of her revealed origins and that she doesn’t know how to control them. Dee becomes willing to teach her how to use her powers and they begin to train. Meanwhile, Naomi’s Dad takes membership under the UAPTF (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force) to investigate otherworldly threats. Zumbado returns to the warehouse and begins erasing the markings.

Naomi Episode 2 Review The Nerdy Basement
Naomi — “Unidentified Flying Object” — Image Number: NMI102a_0054r — Pictured: Cranston Johnson as Zumbado — Photo: Danny Delgado/The CW — © 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

There’s a sense of stubbornness early on in this show. It seems if one wants the show to progress a little faster…not even some of the characters. Particularly the characters Dee and Zumbado, who seems to have the knowledge that we viewers are desperately craving at this point. While this episode slowly, but surely gives us information leading up to the main course, it does give us more time to hear about how much Naomi believes superheroes aren’t real and that she doesn’t have powers.

Some would beg to differ given that she witnessed Superman battling a mysterious alien and that her vision is beginning to be clearer than ever. Aren’t those good signs? Right? Hopefully, it’s safe to say that we are just sitting, waiting for the roller coaster to take off to get to the good parts. Because right now…we have a way to go. It’s only the beginning. 6 out of 10.

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