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Loki Episode 5 – Journey Into Mystery (Review)

With a mini-Loki-specific Avenger team-up, we get one of the most fun episodes with this week’s episode of Loki.

There are many great things to say about this episode of Loki but I do suggest really listening to the exchange in dialect between all the characters as they are very well written and we learn so much about not just our Loki but all the Lokis. We start this week’s episode with an epic reminder that the big bad Time Keepers were just mindless lizard machines and if you did not think that was bizarre enough the rest of this episode turns the dial to 10. We get a great look at this new place which is called The Void and oh man is there a TON of easter eggs in the opening shot alone.

Did anyone see the Sanctum in the very beginning? With that being said for all the very best easter eggs and references please check out our founder/editor-in-Chief Osvaldo J. Madera’s piece on our website! I was blown away by some of the references that he brought up and it will definitely help explain some things that might have gone over your head. With that being said I’m not going to go too much into all of these!

Overall, I think this was a good but more importantly fun episode of Loki and if anything, it’s definitely the Lokis’t Loki episode I think we will get, and the finale has not even aired. It was probably also the best side quest episode in Marvel History. So I will say it did not push the plot all that forward but it did a tad bit and it did set up next week’s finale in the best way. We transition to an epic shot of the void which looks like a destroyed New York area and I must say I think this episode tops episode 3 in terms of having the best visuals.

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We then see our Loki’s from last week which features Alligator Loki, Boastful Loki played by Deobia Oparei, Kid Loki played by Jack Veal, and Classic Loki played by the phenomenal Richard E. Grant who I think stole this episode. He never fails to disappoint but man oh man was I reminded of how good he is. He played Classic Loki beautifully and so did Jack Veal with his brief portrayal of Kid Loki.

Again, they inform our Loki that he is in the void and reveal that the epic purple smoke monster is Alioth. Another nice Kang Easter Egg which only further adds to my theory that Kang just may be behind all of this. Alioth consumes all matter and energy and officially kills anyone he can get his hands on. We turn to Sylvie confronting Renslayer and here Renslayer explains the void and the two seem to come to an understanding. We get further explanation of the void and Alioth through Kid Loki.

Everything the TVA prunes comes here and Alioth is explained as the shark in a shark tank. The best part of this conversation between our 5 Lokis is when our Loki asks why there are so many of you and Classic Loki replies “because we survive, that’s what Loki’s do”. Something we touched on last week. An important key point in this scene is that these Loki’s follow Kid Loki who is essentially the leader. A young Avengers setup that may be hinting at the fact that Kid Loki could be one of the young Avengers Leaders. Oh, and not to mention he must be super powerful because his nexus event was the fact that he killed Thor. 

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As we transition to their hideout, we get a glimpse at the famous Thanos Helicopter. A nice reference from the comics. Yes, The Mad Titan had his own helicopter in one comic book storyline. We also get to see the famous Throg. Throg is officially canon in the MCU, and I am here for it. We also get to see Mjolnir, and speaking of Mjolnir, it appears Boastful Loki has a version of it himself. We go back to Sylvie and Renslayer and after their agreement to find the man behind the curtain and Loki himself Renslayer buys some time by asking Ms. Minutes for some files specifically at the end of time. It explained here that the end of time is undetectable and still being written but in order to get there you must get through The Void.

A suspicious exchange takes place here with Renslayer and Ms. Minutes where it is randomly revealed that they have a prototype spaceship to get through the void. Whether that’s true or not it was all a distraction and Sylvie picks up on it. After being ambushed Sylvie then prunes herself to get to Loki. The Loki gang hangs out and talks a bit and it’s here that we find out each Loki’s story. The most intriguing, you guessed it Classic Loki and I feel as if his story contributes to Loki’s character building the most.

The only specific thing I will mention here in regard to this conversation is about Loki’s magic. It’s mentioned that the magic blades Loki’s love to use just may be holding back the Loki’s and their magic. Kid Loki mentions that our Loki is different which I thought was a great little line because it’s almost as if it gives reason to why this Loki has his own show. 

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We get back to Sylvie who wakes up in The Void to Alioth and the one and only Mobius! Yes, he makes his return to save the day by picking up Sylvie in a pizza delivery car. I don’t know about you, but I feel like this could have been the perfect Jet ski sequence for our boy but hey I’m sure they will pay this off. The two become cordial and team up to turn around to try and defeat Alioth and get out of The Void. We go to what I think is one of if not the most important scene in terms of character development for Loki out of this episode. Loki had run into a whole boatload of Loki’s with the leader being “President Loki” who is also played by Tim Hiddleston.

It looks like he has a small army of other Loki’s which brings up the question, where are all the other TVA pruned drops off’s? Mobius appears to be the only non-Loki in this episode. A failed usurp deal between Boastful Loki and President Loki and his army occurs and this is where I feel it’s important for our Loki. With a few great facial expressions and nods as he was in disbelief between the disloyalty and betrayal amongst all of them and it’s clear that a lesson is learned. Of course, I still take this with a grain of salt because hey it’s Loki, but you can see a change occurring. Classic Loki saves himself, Alligator Loki, Kid Loki, and our Loki with his projection powers on full display


This theme of change and being disappointed in oneself continues with a conversation between the three Loki’s and it’s evident that at least these three are aware of their flaws. They agree to help Loki try and defeat Alioth and head right towards him. A navy ship is conjured to see how Alioth will respond as distracting Alioth is part of the plan and I mention the ship because the number 173 is imprinted on the side and this is a reference to the USS Eldridge which was a Cannon-class destroyer escort ship that served in the 1940s as a saviorship for the invasion of the Solomon Islands. Just a fun fact! 

We then have the three Loki’s meet back up with Mobius and Sylvie and a plan is hatched. Sylvie and Loki have yet another fantastic conversation that pretty much represents the calm before the literal storm and it’s clear here and throughout the entire episode that the two are drawn to one another and are falling in love. I found this conversation to be pretty romantic and it’s nice to see that Loki finally found a love interest even though it’s essentially himself. I should also mention it’s here you see our Loki really come to terms with who he was, who he is, and who he wants to be.

Sylvie explains that early on when she first interacted with Alioth she had a brief connection to him through her enchantment abilities and that’s the plan, enchant the monster and get rid of him in order to get to where it’s protecting. Do we say goodbye to Kid and Classic Loki, and Mobius (or do we)? Kid Loki hands him a special short sword that ignites fire which is a reference to Laevateinn which in Norse mythology is the name of a mythological sword forged by Loki. It’s here Loki and Mobius’s relationship comes full circle and they both acknowledging each other as friends. We wrap up this episode and the plan is executed, and Loki must distract Alioth while Sylvie’s magic is on full display.

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I would say I would like to see a showdown between her and Wanda, but I think Wanda wipes the floor with her. With that being said Classic Loki comes to save the day and Richard E Grant really sells this performance. Sylvie convinces Loki that he has her ability to enchant as well and the two swiftly get rid of Alioth and at the end of the episode we see what looks like a castle to whoever is behind the TVA and all this time madness.

Yes, I am thinking it’s Kang especially because of Renslayer. She definitely knows something that she’s trying hard not to reveal. It’s mentioned by Loki himself that he thinks all of them are much stronger than they think they are, and I have to agree after almost completing this series. I also think they are better people than they think they are, and I love the theme of this episode which is it’s never too late to change. It’s also never too late to learn. We can always evolve and be better. I cannot wait for the finale of this series!

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