HBO Max’s arrival is just a few months away and the streamer has now released a first look at what’s to come to the streaming service at launch and in the coming months past its initial release date. To commemorate the teaser, seeing how it’s Valentine’s Day, HBO Max has released a special love poem for fans around the world.

Roses are red, the TARDIS is blue, 
HBO Max brings the familiar and new.

An offering so epic, starting with a Big Bang,
As well as your faves, like that Central Perk gang.

From Westworld to South Park to Silicon Valley,
We’ll never forget When Harry Met Sally.

They say in love and war, all is fair, 
Even pick-up lines from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Classic romances with familiar refrains,
“We’ll Always Have Paris,” “I’m Singin’ in the Rain...”

Between all of these films and all of these shows,
Nobody does relationships like Game of Thrones.

In just a few months, give it a try,
Get swept up in the drama with a Pretty Little Lie.

A destination for all, where everyone can meet,
Like Bert, Ernie, and Elmo from Sesame Street.

A place with so much, where Godzilla saves the day,
Sit back, stay tuned, it’s all coming in May.


The love poem features select titles that are coming to the streaming service, including the ones revealed in the teaser trailer. But there are more special treats dropping throughout the day on HBO Max’s newly launched Instagram page.

Source: HBO Max Press Release

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