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Critical Role Exandria Unlimited Series Gets June Premiere Date, Streaming on Twitch

On June 10, a week after the conclusion of their epic second campaign (Mighty Nein), Critical Role officially announced their latest adventure, Exandria Unlimited. The newest campaign will exist within the same world as Critical role and is set to premiere on June 24th on Critical Role’s official Twitch channel.

Critical Role: Exandria Unlimited takes place 30 years after Critical Role’s first campaign, Vox Machina, and 10 years after Critical Role’s second campaign, Mighty Nein. This eight-episode mini-campaign features a fresh-faced and freshly formed crew of characters who we first meet in Emon, a city still recovering from the scars of the Chroma Conclave attack, nearly 30 years later. While navigating the usual nuances of learning how to work (and play) together as a team, a burning question whispers in the back of the minds of our mixed bag of adventurers, “What is driving me down this path?”

Meet the cast of Critical Role: Exandria Unlimited:

Critical Role
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Starring Critical Role newcomers and veteran voice actors Aimee Carrero (Elena of Avalor, She-Ra) and Robbie Daymond (Marvel’s Spider-Man, Sailor Moon) along with Critical Role founders and veteran voice actors Ashley Johnson (Critical Role, The Last of Us Part I and II), Liam O’Brien (Critical Role, Star Wars: The Bad Batch, Carmen Sandiego) and Matthew Mercer (Critical Role, Overwatch).

Led by Storycrafter and Game Master Aabria Iyengar (Happy Jacks RPGSaving ThrowHyper RPGDimension 20), the stories that unfold within Exandria Unlimited are considered 100% canon and will affect future environments and timelines across the overall lore of Critical Role.

Beginning June 24thExandria Unlimited will air Thursday evenings at 7 pm Pacific on Critical Role’s Twitch ( and YouTube ( channels. VOD is available immediately for Twitch channel subscribers and will be available on Critical Role’s YouTube channel at noon Pacific the following Monday. Exandria Unlimited will also be available in a podcast format one week after its initial airing on the Critical Role podcast feed, which is available via SpotifyApple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

Within the world of Exandria, there are an unlimited amount of stories to be told — and we have only just begun…


Critical Role is one of the fastest-growing independent media companies in the world, starting as a roleplaying game between friends and evolving into a new kind of organization dedicated to storytelling, community, and imagination. As Critical Role continues to expand the unique universe it has created, with complex stories set in an ever-evolving world, it also continues to create more ways for fans to experience the brand, including both fiction and nonfiction books on the New York Times Best Sellers list, comic books, graphic novels, collectibles, tabletop and roleplaying games, podcasts, live events, and a highly-anticipated animated series, The Legend of Vox Machina, airing exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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