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‘Bel-Air’ Episode 2 Review – Keep Ya Head Up

Can Will Avoid Being a Social Pariah At School?

The episode of ‘Bel-Air’ starts off with the aftermath of Will’s fight with Carson. Aunt and Uncle Banks are talking about sending him back home. Will and Carson just can not get along.  Maybe Will is just too much for them to handle at the moment. They end up changing their mind when Will gets the news that his best friend, Tray, has been shot. They cannot in good conscience send him back when it’s so dangerous still. They end up comforting him, willing to give it another shot. The next morning is Will’s first day of school.

Arriving at school, Will realizes that everyone is treating him like an outsider. He finds out that Carson has been telling everyone that Will attacked him. He asks Lisa, Carlton’s ex if she can set the story straight. She agrees and Will goes to the basketball court to see if he can get on the team. The coach tells him that he has to try out like everyone else even if he got scouted at his new school.

He agrees to try out tomorrow and goes to lunch. Carson gets angry at him for having his ex tell rumors of him. He pushes Will.  He wants to fight Will in front of everyone. Will knows if he loses his temper he will be sent home. If he lets it go his pride gets hurt. He chooses the safest option, walking away.

Bel-Air Episode 2 Review The Nerdy Basement
(Photo by: Greg Gayne/Peacock)

WIll tries practicing for the tryouts but realizes he’s off his game. He keeps having flashbacks of when the police were violent with him. This gives him anxiety and makes him miss shots he could normally land. His uncle sees him practicing, using this chance to bond with Will. They talk about police brutality. How the police system needs improvements so teens like Will can feel safer.

They have a real heartwarming scene playing basketball together. Carlton is watching this interaction from the window, jealous. The next day Will does great in tryouts. He ends up getting on the team, finally feeling welcome by his teammates.

He then goes to the sports locker room to talk to Carlton. He tells him he better be ready for him because he’s taking Carlton’s place on the social ladder. He says there’s a new king in town. While leaving the school, the security stops him. Will, angry and anxious because of his last interaction with a cop, immediately gets defensive.

The security officer tells him he got tipped off that Will has drugs in his bag. Will is confident he won’t find anything. The cop finds a bag of crack in his backpack, taking him to the front office. Will yells he’s been set up as he’s dragged away.  Carlton is shocked. His friend comes up to him and admits he put it in Will’s bag for Carlton.

Bel-Air Episode 2 Review The Nerdy Basement
(Photo by: Greg Gayne/Peacock)

This was a really good episode! I like how layered Carlton’s character is here. He’s played by Olly Sholoton, who gives a great performance. He can be jealous of Will or do petty things but seemed upset that his friend put drugs in WIll’s backpack. He wasn’t happy about that at all. I don’t even think he hates Will. Just resents him and how his presence is messing with his life. I also liked the softer side shown by Adrian Holmes, Uncle Banks. His heart-to-heart with Will was sweet. The episode ended with a cliffhanger that leaves you wanting to watch the next episode. Overall, another wonderful episode!

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