Here we are guys issue 6 seems to be the wrap up/epilogue to the 1st arc of this series but only the wrap up in this book, apparently the story of the Batman Who Laughs and his Secret Six will continue in “Year of the Villain Hell Arisen”. That being said we aren’t here for Hell Arisen, we are here for Batman/Superman….. Lets get started shall we!

This issue should be called, “The Truth will set you Free”. The basic point of this issue was to show us how far our heroes have fallen. Since DC Rebirth each member of our Justice League Trinity has gone through their own trials and “crisis” level events and we get a slight taste of that in this issue. However, the main point seems to be spoken best by Wonder Woman, “The Three of us used to confide in each other. Our victories and our losses. No matter how Challenging, they were shared and yet recently all we’ve done is keep truths from each other.” Writer Joshua Williamson has hit the nail on the head with this issue, our heroes are not the pillars of truth and justice they once were, the lies and secrets have worn them down and that may be why the Batman who laughs has been able to stay more than a few steps ahead of them. Batman and Superman have to return to being the “Worlds Finest” and more importantly to being best friends if they have any hope of saving their friends and stopping the Batman Who Laughs or whatever other threats are coming their way.

The artwork by David Marquez is some of the best I’ve seen for the series. The splash pages of our heroes teaming up to let off steam are simply inspiring and the overall tone is hopeful.

Overall this is definitely a good end to the 1st arc and sets up a good character shift for our heroes, I am excited to see what else Joshua Williamson has up his sleeve for Batman/Superman!