Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn S2-EP 2-6 is a Total BLAST!

After the strong Harley Quinn Season 2 premiere. The recent episodes held up the momentum!

And when I say held up it’s only because these 4 episodes needed the consecutive watch to really feel whole. Not to say that they were bad episodes they served their purpose in progressing the story. But after EP 2 that’s when the wheels really started to turn. In this review ill be highlighting some of the major points for each of these episodes. I will also say this review has been delayed a bit but luckily were reviewing the series in chunks so it works out lol. Enjoy the review!


Episode 2 – Riddle U 

Harley Quinn

Riddle U as a single watch it didn’t do much for me as a viewer. After a great start, this one had a slow start. The crew goes to the Riddlers territory in search of electricity and running water. Since Gotham has been turned into a war zone resources are found in short supply. What they find is Gotham University in great shape considering it was just taken over by a supervillain.

The Riddler has taken some of the fittest college students he can find to power his campus by having them generate power on human-size hamster wheels. Which is so on-brand with the Riddler, reminded me of (again) Arkham City and his deadly riddle traps.

Harley Quinn

Though as entertaining as watching Riddler torture some in shape college students sounds, I thought the real fun was happening on the other side of town with Dr. Psycho and King Shark. On the hunt for a water purifier to help quench their thirsts, they have to deal with run-ins with Two-Face’s gang as well as some muscle from Bane Town. This brought some good one-liners as well as some bloody scenes. Now a major highlight of the episode was from the introduction of Barbara Gordon AKA Batgirl!

Harley Quinn

With her father, the downtrodden ex-commissioner of Gotham, slumming it in his daughter’s dorm room. She decides to help Ivy and Harley Quinn take the Riddler down and in turn begins her own crusade to take Gotham back from the remaining members of the Injustice League!

Harley Quinn

Episode 3 – Trapped

Harley Quinn

With Trapped the episode explores a passed girl crush of Ivy’s — Catwoman. Looking to gain the Firefly’s heat gun to melt through Mr. Freeze’s ice wall. They need Selina’s skills in acquiring it from a very well guarded museum. Harley Quinn pretty much is babysitting Kite-Man. Its a fun episode seeing Ivy go head over heels for Selina, the fabled girl crush of someone they admire. All the while Catwoman steals items with ease from every person she passes lol. The heist itself is an eye-opener for Ivy because it helps her realize what she really wants and needs.

Harley Quinn

And first off can I get a HELL-YEAH!!! For the man Tom King!? I’m just saying if he didn’t bring this character to the forefront with the Batman Arc War of Jokes and Riddles. We probably would not have this ship. Kite-Man and Poison Ivy are engaged!! Ahhh (fan girl shriek) lol Not going to lie he’s been one of my favorite characters to watch these two seasons.

Episode 4 – Thawing Hearts

Harley Quinn

Mr. Freeze finally makes his debut in Thawing Hearts. Harley Quinn, of course, wants payback for his part in putting her on ice in episode 1. Little does she know Freeze was the only reason she wasn’t killed right away. He persuaded the rest of the Injustice League to spare her life. The episode goes on between Kite-Man and Ivy wedding planning and Mr.Freeze hosting their guests to some fine dining and witty banter. And after some unfortunate misunderstandings, Harley calls Ivy to come help save his wife Nora.

Harley Quinn

Not expecting to do away with such a good character so quickly. The catch to Nora’s cure was that Mr. Freeze will die during the blood transfusion. But this did not stop Victor, his devotion to his love was not in vain, because for a split moment he saw his Nora reborn. Again did not see this coming! I honestly feel its such a waste.

Even though I’m thinking they may bring the recent Nora Freeze from the Detective Comics Arc into the mix since it a female-driven show. I still don’t know how I would feel seeing her take on a supervillain role. Maybe putting Victor in a chunk of ice to try and bring him back, would be poetic lol.

Episode 5 – Batman’s Back, Man  

Harley Quinn

Batman’s Back Man is exactly that. Harley Quinn is taking a quick commercial break here. Bruce Wayne the Batman has been brought back to Gotham. But he’s far from the caped crusader we know and love. He’s still badly injured and Alfred is ordering bed rest. But we all know that won’t sit well with Bruce. With this episode, it’s Batman centered, how are the few heroes left in the world dealing with the crisis. And Batman wants/needs to be back on his feet.


That’s where our very own Lucius Fox makes his debut to the Harley Quinn verse. Bruce commissions him to create this new bat-suit to compensate for his broken body. While it worked for a bit, it did not last once Bane came into the picture. As one of the two remaining Injustice League members not killed or beaten by Harley. Two-Face and Bane go on the hunt to make sure Batman doesn’t rain on their parade. And with that, we get a glimpse of what we think Batman: Knightfall felt like. But with more jokes going around haha.


Bruce is now broken even more than before due to his impatience. Batman now listens to Alfred’s suggestion. Enlists the help of the few people trying to do good in Gotham. Commissioner Gordon and the newly dubbed Batgirl. Honestly, I have no idea whats happened to Robin since he tried to pass as Batman on the roof. Hopefully, he comes back to add to the Bat-Family in the series.

Episode 6 – All The Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues 

Harley Quinn

Let us get into some flashbacks. All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues brings us back to the days when Harleen Quinzel was the new upcoming psychiatrist for Arkham Asylum. Believing she saw Joker as the bartender in a local pub she and Ivy frequent. In a trip down memories lane, we see Harley’s first meeting with Poison Ivy and the Clown Prince of Crime, Joker. A solid episode with seeing the past Commissioner Gordon who is light, in shape and hopeful of a man and Harvey Dent literally one tracked minded to win the vote from the people of Gotham.

Harley Quinn

The doctor is trying to gain information about a bomb Joker planted somewhere in Gotham to prove her worth. All the while building her friendship with Ivy in the process. Now we all know how this will go, Joker has a scheme in mind and it’s brought to light toward the end of the episode, While also not confirming whoever this look-alike is, Joker or not. This man has no memories of the Clown Prince he may have been. I’m sure we will see him again though before seasons end.

Harley Quinn this season has been a fun ride thus far. Again if I wasn’t able to consume multiple episodes at once I don’t think it would have been as fun. Each episode has a silver lining but not all of them to propel the series further unless you combine the episodes as a movie viewing. It shows the progression of the plot and can keep the fans coming back for more.

Now what have you all thought of the current season so far? Are you loving it, wanting more and more? Leave some comments below let us know what you think. Episode 7 debuts tomorrow 5/15/2020, you can be sure were covering the remainder of the season. With that said hope you had a fun time with the review and as always STAY NERDY MY FRIENDS!

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