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“MAD GOD” Review: Take A Wild Trip Into The Mind Of Phil Tippett, Celebrating Stop-Motion In All Its Glory

“Mad God” takes us on a wild trip into the master mind of Phil Tippett, the film celebrates stop-motion in its full glory and leaves us wanting for more.

Many of us wouldn’t be sure of who Phil Tippett is? But we have definitely seen his work. Phil Tippett is a sought out and Oscar-Winning creature designer and his popular works include “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi”, “ROBOCOP”, “Jurassic Park” and “Piranha”. “MAD GOD” is Phil Tippett’s passion project that has been in the works for close to 30 years. But be warned, this film isn’t and doesn’t sit well with every section of the audience. The film offers a lot of darker, stranger themes and at times feels completely directionless and at times anxiety-inducing as well.

The film has absolutely no dialogue, no story, no prominent characters, or an actual plot. But the film understands its assignment and where it’s headed and gets there masterfully. There is a lot of griminess in the set design and the creature design, which makes it stand out when compared to other contemporary stop-motion films. The film in its entire runtime keeps wandering into various set designs and subgenres that would depict them, it reaches out for cosmic and theological horror as well and brings all of its desolations and environmental collapses with it.

Mad God Review Fantastic Fest 2021 The Nerdy Basement

“MAD GOD” may not be fully telling or delivering a conventional story, but it drops loads and loads of visual information on its audience, which is completely disjointed and offers themes and designs that may well be unsettling for some but maybe enticing and exciting for others. Phil Tippett unleashes his directorial debut through “MAD GOD” which feels and functions more like a dream than a literal story which results in a film that is ambitious and groundbreaking in many ways, and ends up as a film that is very hard to describe as it is hard to forget or experience to its fullest.

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