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Warner Bros. Pictures adds another $1B comic book movie under their belt, as the success of Todd Phillip’s Joker solo movie has been exponentially overwhelming but rightfully deserved. Prior to the film’s initial release, talks about a direct sequel started making the rounds across the blogs, as it was a topic of conversation at almost every press junket that media outlets were covering for Joker.


On Wednesday morning a report from The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that a sequel to Joker was in development with Todd Phillips returning to the helm. Also in that report was the news of Todd Phillips asking WB/DC for access to all of the DC villains, as Todd Phillips was to develop not one, but two brand new origin films in what seemed to be the official launch of his DC Black Label movie universe.


Merely hours later, Deadline published a report of their own shooting down the previous reports made by THR, stating that the reports were premature and pure click-bait. Also stating that no negotiations between the director and the film studio have actually happened.


Here’s when big Hollywood trades really try to outdo one another in terms of landing that big scoop. Variety joined the fray and published a report of their own. Stating that WB has certainly met with director/writer Todd Phillips and are indeed discussing and exploring ideas for a potential Joker sequel. Variety emphasized that these talks are very preliminary and that no scripts are being written or any of the sorts of movie development is actually happening.

While Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix have both shown interest in doing a Joker sequel. Both parties seemed very adamant about Joker being a one and done type of film. Many fans across social media have shown mixed responses about a potential sequel to the film. As some feel like it is not needed, while others are already welcoming the idea of it with open arms!

The story is still developing…..

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