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BREAKING: Chris Evans Nearing Deal To Reprise His Role As Captain America

MCU star Chris Evans is in talks to reprise his role as Steve Rogers aka Captain America in the MCU

This is news bit is about to send the internet into a frenzy! Deadline is exclusively reporting that Chris Evans is nearing a deal to return to the MCU to reprise his role as Steve Rogers aka Captain America. While the deal has not officially been signed, Deadline reports that Evans return is not necessarily for a Captain America solo film but he would indeed be playing Captain America again in an upcoming Marvel Studios film with the option of appearing in a second film if he so chooses.

If and when Chris Evans returns to the role of Captain America, he would be appearing in the same vain as Robert Downey Jr. did for Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming. Marvel Studios has yet to respond to these reports at the time of this writing.

Captain America

While many fans have been adamant about wanting Chris Evans to return to the MCU, Evans was abundantly clear about hanging up the shield and stepping away from the role of Captain America after Avengers: Endgame. It is not yet clear how Chris Evans can return to the role of Captain America but the recently rumored Nomad Disney+ series could be a way for Evans to return.

Chris Evans

As the Nomad character is a moniker taken up by Stever Rogers in the comics after leaving The Avengers. The character of Nomad was briefly explored with Captain America during Avengers: Infinity War after he walks away from The Avengers and forms the Secret Avengers with Falcon and Black Widow. So this could be a viable option for Marvel to bring Evans back to the role.

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