Blue Beetle Live-Action Film Finds Its Director in Angel Manuel Soto

Warner Bros Hires Angel Manuel Soto to direct Blue Beetle

DC and Warner Bros. have announced the active development of a feature film centered around Blue Beetle. In a report from The Wrap, Warner Bros revealed that they have tapped Charm City Kings director Angel Manuel Soto to direct their upcoming Blue Beetle feature film. Director Angel Manuel Soto took to Twitter to express his gratitude about bringing forth the first Latino superhero film to the big screen.

If you are a little not so familiar, don’t worry about it, we got you covered on that as well. Blue Beetle is the superhero alter ego which is used for three different superheroes but the feature film is primarily focusing on Jaime Reyes, a Mexican American teenager. Jaime finds the scarab on his way home along with his buddy pals Paco and Brenda.

As Jaime takes the scarab to find out what the scarab is all about, out of his own curiosity; the scarab comes out alive. In the middle of that very night, the scarab fuses itself to the spine of our protagonist Jaime, which gives Jaime Reyes to generate extraterrestrial armor which can be enhanced to increase his speed and strength. Jaime as the Blue Beetle has the ability to create his own weapons and shields as well. Blue Beetle got a much bigger limelight and was introduced during the “Infinite Crisis” comic event way back in May of 2006.

Blue Beetle

DC has been actively trying to include Latino characters in their comic book movie universes (El Diablo in Suicide Squad, Rene Montoya in Birds of Prey). Also, the much recent addition of Sasha Calle as Supergirl in the upcoming Flash movie which is slated to release in 2022. Blue Beetle will officially be the first stand-alone film in the DCEU that has a Latino superhero as its main lead.

Along with the news of finding its director, it was also revealed that the movie is on track to begin its principal photography during the Fall of this year and the pre-production works are also in full swing. As to who will be portraying Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle has yet to be revealed, but we can expect to get some more news related to this exciting project in the coming weeks ahead.

Like always after the news broke out, the fan castings have already begun among the comic book and nerd community and there were some amazing picks. We would like to know who are your picks for the titular hero, so make sure to drop a comment down below. Thank you for reading our article and as always. STAY NERDY and BE KIND to each other.

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