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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Review: Better Controls Allow For a More Enjoyable Playing Experience

About 12 years after The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword’s release date, the game is remastered for the Nintendo Switch. 

The Nintendo Switch version of Skyward Sword is visually enhanced compared to the original that came out. The game runs much faster in terms of loading and menus. So tech-wise it is a big improvement. The Switch’s portable capabilities give players the option not to use motion controls. Although, it is still ridiculous that the camera and movement have to be used simultaneously in order to progress in the game. 

The game features Link on a floating island called Skyloft. Link and Zelda are chosen to save the world. Link travels between worlds to explore new realms and collect important items for his quest. Players get the Goddess Sword at the start of the game which allows Link to have access to God-like powers. These powers give abilities to interact with items such as crests and Goddess Cubes. Players are also able to purchase items at the Skyloft’s Bazaar. Take on the puzzle-like labyrinths of the game which are still just as fun with the ridiculous camera settings. 

While Skyward Sword doesn’t offer the open-world features that The Breath of the Wild game does, it still has one of the largest Zelda worlds and is a fun adventure to explore. The game features an autosave mode to keep your place where you left off. 

Overall, Nintendo did their best to cover up the many mistakes and faults this game had during its Wii years. The story and game are still really fun, but it is actually a tad more enjoyable than the original due to a more controllable situation. Let us know what you think of this updated version of Skyward Sword.

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