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Dinosaur Polo Club makes a pitstop with Mini Motorways

Indie developer Dinosaur Polo Club, the people that created Mini Metro, makes its grand entrance at Gamescom with its Nintendo Switch Launch Mini Motorways. 

Have you ever been stuck in that 5pm traffic and wanted to do something about the horrendous roads? Here is your chance to do so! Mini Motorways is a minimalist strategy simulation game that involves designing city roadmaps. The simplicity of the game is very similar to Mini Metro, which has sold 5 million units before joining the Apple Arcade’s App Store Greats Collection. 

Mini Motorways Nintendo Switch The Nerdy Basement

I had the pleasure of speaking with Dinosaur Polo Club’s Community Manager, Casey Lucas-Quaid, about the game in-depth. She mentioned the real-life maps that people can navigate their roads through such as Los Angeles or Auckland. The actual map will play corresponding sounds to that actual location. The idea of the game is to try to keep the traffic flow moving. Mini Motorways has daily challenges for users to compete with others. After the team’s wonderful success with Mini Metro it is no surprise they are presenting another wonderful simulation game for users. According to Casey, over 6000 comments on Steam for Mini Metro, which is pretty good for a small indie developer. 

Mini Motorways Nintendo Switch The Nerdy Basement

Mini Motorways is now available on Steam and Apple Arcade. It will become available for Nintendo Switch in Quarter 1 of 2022.

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