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Mini Motorways Game Review: A Chaotic, Tedious, But Enjoyable Puzzle Game That’s Sure To Make Your Brain Hurt

Mini Motorways was developed by New Zealand-based company Dinosaur Polo Club. It has been making its way around in the charts for its mobile version and is now available on Steam. Mini Motorways is a minimalist simulation indie game, where users are tasked with creating a roadmap in a city of their choice. This game requires a lot of critical thinking skills and will definitely test the player’s ability to make the city run smoothly. If you have ever wanted to build your own roads, because you hate the dreadful Los Angeles traffic, now is your chance to shine. 

Your job is to make sure that the citizens of your city are able to get to work or wherever their destination is. Players begin with one road and new buildings will pop up creating obstacles for them to weave roads around. This takes a lot of good planning and luck to keep the city moving. Eventually, the roads will become so chaotic that even the most skillful users will feel overwhelmed. You are given tools to navigate your road makings, such as traffic lights, traffic circles, and the handy motorway which can be connected to other roads. 

Mini Motorways is very random when it comes to giving you the tools you need. Sometimes you might need a bridge and it might not be there. The game is set up as weeks. Each week you are given a set amount of tools and things to craft the roads with. The game will zoom out of the map as more buildings and things are added to the game.

Since your main objective is to get the drivers to their destination on time, if you have messed up roads, they will not make it to work and you will fail if that occurs. If you plan the game out well, you will succeed and you won’t have to struggle to get resources, as the city continues to grow and so does the chaos.

Mini Motorways Nintendo Switch The Nerdy Basement

Even with the fast-paced feel of the game, the beginning is a bit slow, but again it is always great to figure out the different tricks at that time. Mini Motorways is a great game to play when you want a good puzzle game or a bit of a challenge. The game was overall fun and I enjoyed trying to beat my previous score. Although the chaos was a bit tedious, I enjoyed the challenges for sure! Try it out if you like this sort of game. Let us know what you think!

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