Spider-Man Miles Morales: 5 Alternate Costumes We Hope to See

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is just around the corner and before it swings onto our PS5’s here’s five suits that we would love to play in when zipping around the city as our new protagonist.

1. Into the Spider-Verse Collection:

Miles Morales

Into the Spider-Verse is the film that brought Miles Morales to the attention of the casual Marvel fan, since the film’s release he has been featured in huge comic events and has become a staple of the Marvel Comics Universe. During the film we see Miles don several versions of his now-iconic black and red number and I for one would love the choice to play in every iteration at some point during the game.

**Insomniac Games has since officially announced the Into the Spider-Verse animated skin for Spider-Man: Miles Morales**

2. Iron Spider:

Miles Morales

Miles’ Uncle Aaron Davis, who people may remember as the villain Prowler, served as the Iron Spider after the destruction of the Ultimate universe from where he and Miles originally hailed from. Although this costume isn’t one of Miles’ it still seems fitting that it would be available for use in the game, especially since Prowler has been confirmed to appear as a villain – it doesnt seem too much of a stretch to think that this costume could come from some sort of related side-quest.

3. Absolute Carnage:

Miles Morales

One of the more recent comic book events that Miles Morales has been a part of. Absolute Carnage has seen Knull (The symbiote God) wreaking havoc on Earth. Miles has teamed up with the original Venom – Eddie Brock – to stop symbiote beasts from taking over the city. After Miles is taken over by a symbiote and nearly kills J. Jonah Jameson he seperates from and finds a way to retain control over the new powers the symbiote grants him. This suit would be beyond perfect for the upcoming game because who doesn’t love a symbiote? I’d love to swing all over the city in this super slick piece of kit.

4. Captain Universe:

Miles Morales

Althought Miles’ stint as Captain Universe was short-lived it was definitely EPIC. The cosmic mantle was granted to him at the end of the comic book event Spider-Geddon. Peter Parker has also worked under this power set before but Miles’ version was just as cool, if not cooler. The costume would add a new element to the game and could explore some nice new visuals than simply web slinging around the city. As Captain Universe has some of the most overwhelming powers in the Marvel Universe it would be interesting to see how the devs could incorporate these into gameplay.

5. Ultimate Fallout Costume (First Appearance):

Miles Morales

Although similar to the suit that Miles ends up in the finale of the Into the Spider-verse movie, seeing Miles in his first appearance comic book suit would be a great callback for fans. It could even operate in the same way that the comic suit in the first game did. It had a nice retro feel to it and looked almost cell-shaded like the ultimate spider-man game did way back when.

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