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Mario Golf Super Rush Is More Fun When Playing With Friends, But It’s Not A Hole In One (Review)

Mario Golf Super Rush has a very similar feel to the Wii Sports games. When a shot is fired the words “Nice Shot” glow across the screen. The game might not qualify you for a golf tournament but if you wanted to test your aiming skills you can. For me I felt like Happy Gilmore as I was waiting for someone to tell me I sucked, my friends weren’t much better either. 

Mario Golf Super Rush allows for a button-controlled swing for you to shoot your best shot. You click once to start your swing and match that accurate distance. The better knowledge you have of the different clubs, the better. As someone who is not a golf expert, it was just utter chaos for me. For longer distance shots I was able to get really close to the hole. When it came to the shorter swings it was a guessing game. Just as frustrating as a mini-golf at one of those tiny-themed courses on the side of the road. 

The “Speed Run” version is based around speed rather than precision. After you take the shot, you need to run as quickly as possible in order to get to the next part. The quicker you are, the higher score you get. Even if you are quick the most tedious part is waiting for the other computers to finish their rounds. 

There is an adventure mode where you get to interact with characters, travel to different courses, and defeat bosses. The character is a Mii that is trying to become a pro of Mushroom Kingdom. The interactions and things you do in this mode will increase your skill points and upgrade the Mii. It is a more interactive and typical Mario-style fashion than the other modes. Of course, there is also “Battle golf” where you play 9 rounds in a big stadium. The goal is to avoid the bombs and sink three shots in. If you are someone who doesn’t want to wait around for the other modes this might be for you as this is a lot quicker than the others. 

For me, the best mode is playing with friends. Nothing is more fun to me than watching people completely miss a shot when they thought they were getting it. Also, you can knock each other’s golf balls out of the way if you happen to crash into one, which means other players have to take their shot from their new unwanted spot. It is definitely that same Mario Kart competitiveness that draws me. I always think the best games are the ones you could have fun with your friends in. The Speed run is my least favorite as you are timed and also have to wait for other players.

Do you think Mario Golf Super Rush was a hole-in-one? Let us know!

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