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Final Fantasy I, II, and III Pixel Remasters Launches July 29th

The origins of Final Fantasy are making a comeback. All six of the epic adventure, Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters popped up on Steam. The updated graphics and audio will be available on July 29th. Square Enix announced during their E3 2021 livestream that they were going to be remastering the first six Final Fantasy games in Pixel.

The fans of Final Fantasy have been awaiting the classics from Square. The first three will arrive on July 29th, 2021, but the last three just have “coming soon”. Final Fantasy IV, V, and VI will come out later on. They will be available for Steam and mobile devices. Some fans were hoping it could come out for the Switch as well, but we can take what we can get right?

Final Fantasy I and II will be 11.99 while the other four will cost $17.99 each. You can still pre-order a bundle on Steam will all the games for a temporary discount of $74.82. which is 22% off the standard price of $95.94. It seems that they are still going with the classics since everyone loves the classics compared to the 3D remasters. The attention-grabbing trailer with the Final Fantasy music, that was shown hyped up the game even more. Are you going to get it on Steam? What do you think of this version?

Final Fantasy I

Final Fantasy I Pixel Remaster The Nerdy Basement

Earth, fire, water, wind… The light that once shone within the four Crystals was lost. Darkness covered the land until the only hope for humanity rested in legends past. Become the Warriors of Light and embark on your own journey to restore power to the Crystals and save the world.
Switch between classes to improve your characters. Traverse the wide world with your airship and other vessels. Return to the game that started it all.

Final Fantasy II

Final Fantasy II Pixel Remaster The Nerdy Basement

Our epic tale begins with four young souls orphaned during the struggle between the Palamecian Empire and the rebel army. On their journey, the youths join forces with the white wizard Minwu, Prince Gordon of Kashuan, Leila the pirate, and many others. Behold the beautiful and sometimes tragic twists of fate that await you on your adventure.
FFII introduced a unique skill level system that strengthens different attributes of the characters depending on their fighting style instead of leveling up. Use the key terms you learn in conversation to unlock new information and progress in the story.
This innovative game series takes an ambitious turn in this second installment in the FINAL FANTASY series!

Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III Pixel Remaster The Nerdy Basement

With the power of light nearly eclipsed by the power of darkness, only the crystals’ four chosen adventurers can save the world.
Experience the iconic job changing system first introduced in FFIII – switch jobs at will and use various abilities as you progress in the game.  Change into a variety of classes like Warrior, Monk, White Mage, Black Mage, Dragoon, Evoker, or even call monsters to do your bidding with as a Summoner.

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