Kelly Sue DeConnick

STAN #AQUAFAM! It is our absolute pleasure to present an exclusive interview with the one and only, Kelly Sue DeConnick! Hailing from the cosmos of Captain Marvel to the depths of Atlantis’ oceans, #TheNerdyBasement host Ed Pagan (@comicsinthebasement) and I (Simone Kereama/@worldofmera) had the wicked opportunity to sit down with Kelly, drink some tea and talk shop! Who art thou Arthur? Is Mera the key to intoxication? (Just listen). And of course… Aquababy!?!?!?!!! So I cannot hold back the excitement anymore – which is made horrendously clear in the interview… LET’S GO! #SKSKS

The Low-Down:

Ed and I go shore to shore in questions with Kelly. Covering everything from building foundations to is Mera the key to getting drunk off one drink? SERIOUSLY. Diving into the makings of an Aquaman story, Kelly Sue talks about her and artist Robson Rocha’s goals for their run on Aquaman – such as Amnesty Bay, Arthur’s flashbacks and moving away from the traditional King of Atlantis trope. The creative team delivers the exact quality that they hoped to achieve.

And YES. Of course. We did talk about #AquaBaby! If you have one concern *cough* BLACK MANTA… Worry not!!!

For all the details and information, tune into the interview below. Ed and I could not contain ourselves! I think I tried so hard I just stopped talking for a while LOL. Nonetheless, it was a great interview. We gained a ton of insights and perspectives on both Aquaman and Mera, and we hope you guys will too!

And of course a huge thank you to Kelly Sue DeConnick for taking time out of her busy schedule to participate in this interview.