X-Men Fantastic Four #1 (Review)

It was teased back in House of X, and we could only speculate what was bound to happen in those early days. But the invitation from Krokoa to The Impossible Boy of the Fantastic Four has been made! Xavier and the rest call upon the Omega Level mutant to finally come to the Mutant homeland. And things get heated quickly!

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Such a good first issue thus far. The story takes no wrong turn in the reasoning between their fated meeting. Franklin Richards first born child of Sue and Reed Richards is an omega level mutant but has been losing his abilities every time he uses them. His father is baffled and the young man grows increasingly frustrated by the lack of answers. While on Krokoa Xavier, Magneto and the rest of the council become concerned over the current status of his powers. Besides wanting all of their kin on the mutant nation, they also want to help with his powers situation. But it also brings the question of is this a possibility for all mutants as well. So some selfish reasoning to say the least. They then turn to Kate Pride to help with “negotiations” of taking Franklin with them, due to her passed history with him as a child.

With the plot on the way, as I said the issue is solid. Two different point of views clashing verbally and physically. The lion and lioness protecting their child. With the opposing side wanting to do what they believe is right by all. Then throw in the young rebellious nature of Franklin Richards and we got potential for a wild ride! I won’t go into any spoilers because you must read the issue! ?. Lol

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This has been a eventual outcome for some time; Avengers and other super hero groups have clashed ideals with the X-Men. And now the Fantastic Four will do the same on a more personal level. Understanding the two arguments will have us choose what we value most as well as see what Franklin Richards wants for himself as well. Let us know what you thought of the first issue below. As Always Stay Nerdy my Friends!

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Awesome Start to the Arc. And lots of expectation!

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Love Comics, love being a nerd!