Superman and Robin Special #1 Review The Nerdy Basement

Superman and Robin Special: #1 (Review)

Can Superman and Robin Stop The Fortress From Being Destroyed?

First, I have to inform the readers that this is about John Kent, Superman’s son who has taken up his father’s mantle. Damian Wayne is the robin featured in this story as well. They both were in a popular comic book series called the Super Sons that featured adventures and a very heartwarming friendship between the two. They both have grown as characters, with a lot going on in their own comic runs after the series was finished. This is a one-shot of them being together again.

The story starts off with John watching a cartoon and eating cereal for breakfast. His mom teases him, changing the channel to the news. She teases he is too old for that. He tells her he was only ten a short while ago and he likes to think of when life was simpler for him. During his own comic, he was suddenly aged up from a child of ten to a young adult by writer Brian Michael Bendis. He was trapped on Earth-3 for years.

When he got back it had only been 3 weeks on earth that he was away. He lost his whole childhood, while Lois and Clark lost the chance to raise their son. It’s all really sad when you think about it. I honestly hate that they did that but oh well. Lois immediately apologizes saying she feels part of him was stolen from her. She forgets what it must have been like for him.

Once she leaves, Damian appears behind him. He likes when he can sneak up on John with his ninja skills. He tells John that he got an alarm from his dad’s fortress of solitude and that they have to find out what happened. They get to the roof to find Damian brought the Hellbat suit. A big mechanical bat-suit he stole from his father. He brought it to fly to the fortress because he finds it embarrassing when John carries him. When they get there they see something has been destroying stuff. They find a temporal cube that John said a creature must have escaped from.

The Alien creature with wings ends up crashing into them. Damian wants to tranquilize it but John stops him saying that it’s scared. That they can reason with it. The alien flies on Damian angrily when it sees the weapon. John flings it off of him and into his dad’s alien zoo. The thing seems to be growing bigger. The creature breaks some of the habitats, letting out the other creatures.

Superman and Robin Special #1 Review The Nerdy Basement

John tries to fix the habitat and Damian goes against John’s peaceful option, tranquilizing the alien anyways. It is growing even bigger now though so the tranquilizers are having no immediate effect. It ends up falling to the ground asleep eventually though. John then hears a second heartbeat. It turns out the alien is pregnant!

Another alarm goes out in the fortress. The cube is still active. A bunch of Nazis comes out of it looking for a fight. Damian is happy because he always wanted to fight the Nazis. They both put on their mechanical suits and start immediately punching the bad guys. They end up taking the Nazi’s weapons, throwing them back in the portal.

Meanwhile, the alien gave birth to its baby. John tries to soothe the alien. Talking softly that it needs to go home. How they won’t hurt it. It takes John’s hand, letting him lead it to the portal.  Afterward, Damian admits he missed his best friend. John says no matter what happens in their lives they will always be Super Sons.

The art by Viktor Bogdanovic is great! I like the amount of detail he puts in the characters. He does really well in portraying the emotions on everyone’s face. I also love the creature designs he made for the aliens in the Fortress of Solitude. Every creature looks very unique. The backgrounds are so detailed the whole fortress looks out of this world. Different rooms are full of alien-like beings and decor. The colors are also very vibrant as well. This was all very pleasing to look at.

As for the writing by Peter J. Tomasi, I am so glad they brought back the writer of Supersons for this special. I adore the friendship between Damien Wayne and Johnathan Kent. I was so sad when they aged up John because I couldn’t see them grow up to become heroes together. I’m happy that even though John is older the friendship between the two remains the same.

John is still the kindhearted boy I love. Damian is still the bossy know-it-all I enjoy as well. The wise-cracking between the two is still entertaining to read. In the end where Damian admits he missed him, that nobody really gets him like John does was wonderful. I love how he writes them and recommends this to all Super Son fans.

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