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Strange Academy Presents: The Death of Doctor Strange #1 (Review)

Can Alvi Save His Twin Brother From Becoming A Living Magical Battery? Let’s Find Out in Strange Academy Presents: The Death of Doctor Strange.

The story starts off with a flashback of Doctor Strange and Amora The Enchantress, trying to save her twins from an evil wizard named Pulsari. With who she made a deal to have her firstborn child. Doctor Strange beats the wizard and turns him to stone. He will remain as a statue for as long as he lives. The only problem is Doctor Strange is now dead. Which means he is after Amora’s first born again years later.

Strange Academy Presents: The Death of Doctor Strange #1 The Nerdy Basement

The story comes back to the present at a school with an announcement to the students that Doctor Strange is dead. I appreciated them informing the readers on what happened to him for those who didn’t read the comic. The school is closing down and the students are told that they will have to go home for their own safety. Alvi and his twin brother Iric were packing their bags to leave until suddenly Iric gets kidnapped. In distress, Alvi tracks down his mother Amora. He gets rightfully upset when he finds out that she sold her firstborn for The Pendant Of Yolindo. She agrees to help her son get his brother back by entering WeirdWorld.

This magical world is very tricky to get through so they get the help of two mapmakers in order to navigate. Meanwhile, Iric is taken to the evil wizard looking gaunt and drained of magic. He will soon die if they keep draining him. The wizard tells him that if he dies he could always take the second-born twin. Alvi and Amora are driving to the wizard’s castle when Alvi vents that he wishes Amora was a good mother. Amora admits that she was not ready to be a mother. Revealing that she abandoned them because she believed that the twins deserve better than her. I thought this was a very heartwarming scene between these two.

They suddenly run into Goleta The Wizard Destroyer and they tell her about the evil wizard (Pulsari) who took their son/brother. They finally get to the castle and have a battle of magic against his minions. The artwork truly shines when it illustrates the magic. Goleta attacks Pulsari and grabs the amulet with the captured twin’s magic. They destroy it and Iric is back to his young self. The twins and their mother have a heartwarming moment of victory. The ending is snippets of the other students in the Academy.

First of all, let’s talk about the beautiful artwork by Mike Del Mundo. The art leaps off the page and gives a magical atmosphere. This is also achieved by the color artist Marco D’alfonso. Everything in this comic was a sight to look at. It creates a magical storybook atmosphere that’s easy to get into. This is one of the highlights of the whole comic for me.

As for the writing, Scottie Young does an excellent job writing for these characters. I really like the characterization he makes for Amora The Enchantress. She is flawed but very likable. I also enjoyed the dynamic between her and the twins. This is a fast-paced comic book that still has time for heartwarming scenes. The dialogue is fun and witty. The twins feel justified in their anger for their estranged mother. I’m super curious about who their dad might be. Loki maybe? I also really enjoyed the sneak peeks we got to see of the other students in the school. They all have very unique designs and I am interested in seeing more of them. I will definitely check out the next issue!

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