Happy New Year and welcome back #Aquafam! Let’s dive right into things with this week’s issue of Aquaman Rebirth. With the arrival of Aqua-baby nearing closer, writer Kyle Higgins treats us to a throwback issue of our favourite aqua-couple’s engagement. Joined by Batman and Wonder Woman, there is only one question floating in the air: what about kids?


If you are a long time reader of Aquaman and/or Mera, you may know of Mera’s hesitancy towards children. Although some of these stories are not canon, with the death of Aquababy, then Arthur using that against her in Blackest Night, I think we can all understand. Even in the current timeline, it devastated Mera when Arthur left her right after she revealed she was pregnant! *rolls eyes*.


The theme of “family” is often highlighted between our two favourite underwater royals. This approach does well to instead focus on a direct threat to the family. Higgins represents some of the realities that come with having children and how this changes when super-powers are thrown in the mix. Mera and Arthur both know too well that family is the first target.


One thing that I enjoyed and that really stood out was that the art felt like a throwback. The suit designs and the background of Amnesty Bay felt very reminiscent. I definitely commend Aaron Lopresti for his panels in this issue. The last page:


Recommend! Issue rating: 8.5/10

Writer: Kyle Higgins

Pencils: Aaron Lopresti

Inker: Matt Ryan

Colourist: Romulo Fajardo Jr

Letterer: Clayton Cowles