Nightwing #69 pursues the Court of Owls for the truth!


Dan Jurgens, in my opinion, is saving Nightwing and I couldn’t be more thankful!! Ok guys, lets talk Nightwing 69!

Dick Grayson is going through some tough times. Since he broke out from the control of Talon and the Court of Owls, he’s been getting headaches, his past has been split into 2 and he needs to figure out which past is real and which one is manufactured. Nightwing tracks down the doctor who he believes saved his mind only to find out that she’s the one who scrambled his brain.

Honestly it might just be because I see a path for the return of Nightwing Dick Grayson but I am loving these story arcs. If I did have a complaint it would probably be the rainbow prism art sequence, I understand the thought process behind artist Ronan Cliquet and colorist Nick Filardi prism artwork but it didn’t stick with me. The rest of the issue was gorgeous and I loved it.


Nightwing finally gets to the bottom of who caused his amnesia but a crazy turn of events leaves him with just 1 option….. what waits for Nightwing back in Bludhaven? The finale of this issue was a mini story setting what will be the next challenge for the Batfamily…… we are headed to Joker War!!

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