Since the events of Batman #55 and Nightwing #50 fans of Dick Grayson Nightwing have been clamoring for the return of our favorite hero of Blüdhaven, the one, and only Nightwing. Finally, with Nightwing #68 I think we can finally see the light at the end of that dark tunnel.

Ric Grayson, The New Talon, is fighting Red Condor and in a last ditch effort Red Condor luckily shoots the goggles that were effectively brainwashing Ric Grayson and he is now free from the control of the Talon and the Court of Owls! Ric is regaining his senses and coming out of the controlling fog but his brain is flooding back all those memories that were repressed thanks to the courts mind control. We finally get the sense that Ric is on the path to returning to his old fun loving Dick Grayson self and this theory is backed up by the fact that Ric faces off against the Talon and in the fight uncovers the truth that someone is behind his memories being distorted and jumbled up. In short Talon is defeated by Ric and our hero is now looking to the future ready to find out who he really is.

The artwork and story pacing in the issue really hit the mark. We see two splash pages of all the people, heroes and villains, that have played a part in Ric’s past and it’s drawn beautifully. Dan Jurgens finally gives us what we’ve been waiting to see and that’s Ric Grayson starting to remember certain aspects of his life and wanting to find the truth. The dialogue is extremely expressive and it’s what we would expect in a situation dealing with this subject matter. This issue is a MUST especially if you’ve been waiting for the return of Dick Grayson!!