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Naomi Season Two #2 (DC Comics Review)

Dee is now missing and Naomi wants answers as to why? But a much bigger threat looms in the wake of an attack on S.T.A.R. Labs…spoilers ahead for Naomi Season Two #2

To put it simply, Naomi has been going through a lot ever since she gained her powers. She’s had to learn that she’s an alien from Earth-29, the obvious, she has powers, and her parents aren’t her actual parents, oh, and she’s a member of the Justice League. Naomi Season Two #1 finds the town of Port Oswego trying to fathom the fact that Namoi has powers and has fought against the likes of Black Adam. Long story shorter, Naomi has been dealing with daddy issues, struggling to learn how to control her powers, and is now in search of Dee whose gone missing.

We open up this issue with a two-week-old flashback which sees Naomi at the Hall of Justice with the Justice League trying to help her understand and further learn how to control her new powers. This is probably one of the coolest parts of many out of this second issue as we see Naomi interacting with all of the smartest members of the Justice League like The Flash, Atom, Superman, and Batman. Naomi also meets Black Canary for the first time. Aside from putting Naomi under a scientific microscope, Naomi now learns from her peers about the changes she can expect in all of her current relationships due to her superpowers. Ranging from friends, family, strangers, peers, and others.

We quickly jump back to the present time back at Dee’s garage where Naomi and her father are in the middle of an argument. Picking up from where we left off in the previous issue. Someone reported a break-in and a pair of officers arrive to check out the scene. There has been some rising tension between Naomi and her father and this incident and them having to flee the scene boiled things over and he finds himself lashing out at her.

The following day, Naomi is hanging out with Anabelle in the woods. Feeling downsome she informs Anabelle about her issues with her dad, her concerns regarding Dee’s disappearance, and the Thanagarian pin she found in Dee’s garage. Looking for answers, she realizes that she knows another Thanagarian who can possibly provide the answers she is looking for, fellow Justice League member, Hawkgirl.

Hawkgirl informs Naomi that the Tanagarian pin she found in Dee’s garage wouldn’t put him in the friendliest of lights. However, Hawkgirl was more concerned with how Naomi got her hands on that pin rather than immediately informing her about it. After her meeting with Hawkgirl, Naomi heads back home and talks to her dad. They have a heart-to-heart and make amends. The very same night, Naomi makes a bold decision in wanting to head back to her homeworld, Earth-29, and kicking Zumbado’s butt.

However, Naomi settles for local, smaller acts of heroics since she’s not currently with the Justice League. We get an awesome montage of Naomi saving local citizens, fighting a kaiju, and even fighting Cyborg Superman. All cool things to see Naomi do, especially for the readers who haven’t kept up with Naomi after her first comic book run. Hell, she even fights Solomon Grundy!

The events of this issue come to a head as Naomi arrives at S.T.A.R. Labs which is under attack. While Naomi doesn’t come face to face with whoever attacked STAR Labs, one survivor describes the assailant as a large person with huge wings. The assailant did take lives but it is still unclear what’s the actual reasoning behind the attack or what are the coordinates this assailant is looking for. As Naomi goes up to investigate, a portal has now opened and she is greeted by Cyborg who urgently urges her to close the portal he is coming out of.

Naomi Season Two #2 is now building up the stakes of the story and possibly setting Dee up as a possible antagonist. Given the silhouette of the assailant and their description, also given that Dee is MIA, all signs are pointing at Dee potentially being this mystery assailant. If true, the effects of that possible revelation will take an immense toll on Naomi, given how close Dee and her have become.

We do get a few breadcrumbs regarding some of the questions Naomi has but are still left with many more questions. Outside of the assailant’s attack on S.T.A.R. Labs, why is Cyborg coming out of this portal, at this very same location, and what threat lies on the other side that has Cyborg urgently asking Naomi to close it? What’s the connection between the two if any?

Naomi Season Two #2 Review The Nerdy Basement
Credits: DC Comics

This was a solid issue and the build-up to this new mystery is quite intriguing. Bendis’ writing doesn’t always stick but you can tell that he really cares about Namoi and the story he wants to tell through her lens. Jamal Campell’s art never ceased to amaze me and it makes reading Naomi all the more enjoyable. His color palette and how he brings this world to life are purely immersive. From the way the city looks at the night to how the sunset brings a sense of serenity while Naomi and Anabelle hang out in the woods.

Every panel pops and feels authentic and makes you feel like this world could really exist. The biggest highlight for me in terms of Campell’s art is how he designs Naomi and Hawkgirl. Both women have a unique sense of allure and beauty, and prowess. Hawkgirl with short hair and abs? Yes, please! I can go on and on about what I love about Campbell’s artwork. It’s one of, if not the main reasons I picked up Naomi in the first place.

Naomi Season Two #2 is available now at your local comic book store and digital platforms.

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