Justice League #59 Review-NEW Team and Discovery!

Brian Michael Bendis brings in a new cast to the Justice League with more exploration on the newest hero Naomi

The Justice League of the Infinite Frontier kicks off with some great action sequences with an unknown foe. Black Adam is the first to meet this being before the JL makes their way over to Kahndaq to then learn this new enemy is named Brutus. We can easily see he has the potential of being a major threat down the line with brute strength that rivals Black Adam. Even though the team seems to gain the upper hand quickly enough Brutus escapes and leaves the team with more questions.

Justice League

This is where good ol’ Bendis comes in with some flair. During the battle, Hawkgirl’s Nth metal reacts very strangely after striking the visitor. And back at the Justice League headquarters, they discover that the energy of this being is connected to non-other than Naomi McDuffie! Now for those who do not know about Naomi, Bendis introduced her back in 2019 with a 6 issue mini-run. The young hero is from another dimension sent to Prime earth to escape the horrors of her world. Raised by adoptive parents and eventually learning of her own powers.

Naomi being brought to the forefront is a great direction for the Justice League title. Naomi in her mini-series was a huge success by all rights and we’ve been awaiting plans that Bendis had in store for her. Naomi’s home dimension is still a mystery to us besides the fact there are numerous super-powered individuals who reside there and it’s a war-zone after battles between them all. So there’s so much to explore just on her origins alone. With this in mind and the inclusion of new members to the league like Adam and Hippolyta (on the cover). Let’s see where Bendis takes us; It’s a solid first issue of the run thus far.

Moving onto the Justice League Dark Portion by Ram V, already in love with the story! I’m a sucker for Arthurian legend let alone Merlin himself. Now continuing his story we saw take place in Future State where Merlin has taken over much of the worlds magic to the point anyone with an ounce of magic has been hunted and punished by his armies.

We begin to see the building blocks to this potential future we witnessed. With Zatanna and Constantine walking into a moment of chaos from two cults after an angel and demon bring back Jason Blood from the dead. To bring on a prophecy of Merlin returning much more sinister than all the fairytales. And we’re bound to see the fallout from Zatanna after Wonder Woman’s departure and how it affects her mentally. This story looks to be an amazing tale, big fan of Ram V’s work and JLD storylines always strikes a fancy for me.

Overall if the Justice League book continues this book with the attaching JLD story it’s going to be well worth the 4.99 price point. It’s our favorite heroes mixing it up a bit with some new team members, discovering a new dimension, and JLDark just looking to be as gruesome as possible. It’s definitely on my pull list.

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