YARA FLOR is the strong, and sassy Wonder Woman for a time when we need her most!

I FELL IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN!!! Yara Flor Wonder Woman is already a sensational piece right out the gate. While Diana of Themescyria embarks on a new journey after the events of Death Metal, many years later we meet Yara deep in the Amazon Rain forest on the hunt for a dreaded Hydra. While she searches we begin the narration of some back story of our new hero.

I’m going out on a limb here and guessing her father is Tupa the Tupi-Guarani mythologies God of Thunder. She mentions the comparison of Zeus and Tupa being of similar seats of power. Moving on to when she finds the beast she makes quick work of it and its many heads with some help from her trusty steed a pegasus named Jerry. (I love that she named him Jerry btw)

With the hunt completed, we get a glimpse at another local deity named Caipora also of the Tupi-Guarani. Caipora is the protector of the forest and this adorable little god who rides on a boar; is not happy with Yara poaching this creature. And we learn the base for this arc is Yara looks to strike a deal with Hades to release the soul of a fellow sister. After seeing this is not the duo’s first meeting the god convinces our new Wonder Woman to allow her to assist her into the underworld.

After some cute and funny moments; passing napping Cerberus (the three-headed guard dog) and some hilarious conversation with a customer service rep about the god upgrading her membership package. And we get to see another glimpse of Yara’s personality as she lashes out some frustrations on the entrance turnstile. They enter the underworld, which resembles an airport and begins to make their way to their next destination. The river sticks.

Where, of course the adorable Caipora fails to mention that Yara would need to pay her way. Which puts her in a predicament, to say the least. And leads her to resort to stealing a coin from an unsuspecting soul. (Bad Yara) This act then brings our guard dog of the Underworld at full steam and now we wait for the next issue!

Though the issue was shorter than I would have liked. Yara is already a Wonder Woman like no other! Her hot-headed temper and take no crap demeanor gives us a character that has lived a completely different life compared to her predecessor. Which will only give us deeper storylines that can bring new perspectives to any reader. This brings that excitement of fresh ideas into play. Diana will always be Wonder Woman but the mantle is greater than just one person. I for one cant wait to see more.

Wonder Woman

It goes without saying, Joelle Jones hits the mark! With her gorgeous illustrations, Yara Flor is a breath of life to the mantle of Wonder Woman. The first few panels already show she’s a character all her own. With a whole new side of mythology to play with the rest of this run can really please so many new and old readers. I immediately googled Brazilian mythology to see who we can expect to see and learn who Caipora was.

This story alone already shows a strong start. Combining Greek and Tupi mythology opens up new doors which we’ve been missing in the Wonder Woman line. A Wonder Woman dealing with the issues her deities set in motion have always been one of my favorite things about her character.

Again this story is only beginning the 4 issue run. But im pumped to see what Joelle Jones has up her sleeve. Let us know below what you thought of the first issue, and our new Wonder Woman Yara Flor. And as always Stay Nerdy!

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