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Elektra: Black, White, and Blood #3 (Review)

Can Elektra fight her way out of these situations?

The first story in this series is called  “Split”.  It starts off with Elektra Noches in an insane asylum. She tells the other patients that the only people they can count on are themselves to solve their problems. She gets a woman named Mary to help her escape and get past the guards to freedom. The artist in this is Federico Sabbatini, His art has this anime style to it that I really liked.

He drew some great action scenes that were really fun to read. I also really liked this scene where Elektra is fighting with a bloody sheet. When she escapes she turns it into a version of her Elektra costume. This was a pretty cool image to see. 

As for the writing by Ann Nocenti, I wasn’t crazy about the writing for Elektra here. In the beginning, Elektra is rooming with girls that have really bad mental health. She acts super nonchalant about their issues. Telling one girl her voices are in her head, taking a cross which looked like a comfort item from another girl and throwing it. She just seemed really heartless here.

A girl cuts herself with the cross Elektra threw but this barely causes a reaction out of her. She gives Mary advice on how she can help herself in the end. That wasn’t bad advice but by then I already read how uncompassionate she was to the others so it felt disingenuous. This one was my least favorite of the three stories.

The second story is “With a Passion”. In this story, Elektra is on a mission to kill her next target. Daredevil tries to stop her. He is the only person who makes her feel something. She ends up not going through with the kill. The art is by Paul Azaceta. I really like the use of black, red, and white here. Elektra looks great and this has a paint-like quality to it that is very unique. Paul is the writer as well and does an excellent job.

This was probably my favorite of the three stories. I love the interaction between her and Daredevil. How Elektra is so sure of her mission to kill someone but when she runs into him she starts to doubt herself. Their dynamic is so interesting to read. I like that he is the only one who can get through to her. How her love for him tears her to pieces. A really great take on her character.

The last one is called “Weapons of Choice”. Famous assassin versus famous assassin. Black Widow versus Elektra. Elektra fights Black Widow to free the mind-controlled widows. It was cool to see who had the better trainer, The Hand or The Red Room. Elektra won this fight hands down. (Pun intended). From sniping Natasha in the arm to taunting her while fighting, she was confident throughout.

The art by Danilo Beyruth is in my opinion the best out of the three. The art is visually stunning. The attention to detail in each panel is top-notch. The backgrounds are interesting to look at. The action is amazing in this. The writer is David Pepose. He made Elektra super cool. I love how confident she is. Natasha was also cocky but got taken down a peg here. With these two it could be anyone’s win.  Everything about this was just a super fun read.

Overall, this was a great read! I’m a huge fan of Elektra so I am always happy when she gets good content! The art is beautiful with a lot of variety to suit everyone’s tastes. These stories are all unique so readers definitely won’t feel bored by the end! I definitely recommend checking it out if you haven’t already. 

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