Doctor Strange: Sorcerer/Surgeon Supreme

Doctor Strange

Marvel Comics has once again prepped the Operating Theatre for Doctor Stephen Strange. Strange was once a world-renowned surgeon but as we know an accident took the use his hands from him. Without the use of his hands he was forced away from medicine and everything he thought made him special. Doctor Strange’s story is one of tragedy turned to triumph, without the use of his hands he found humility and that lead him down the path to finding the Ancient One and becoming Sorcerer Supreme.

In Doctor Strange Issue #19 we see Stephen desperately trying to save a young child and the only means of doing so is through brain surgery. Unfortunately, Strange is out of time and he sees no other way so he invokes a forbidden spell and in doing so regains full use and control of his hands…Here is where it gets dicey for me, get ready!!

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange losing the use of his hands forced him to go from an arrogant, pompous jerk to a humble servant of the Ancient One and in doing so opened his mind and his heart to Magic… Thus becoming Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme. I feel that in giving him back the use of hands he will return to the fame and spotlight of being a surgeon leaving our world unprotected from magic and demonic threats. What do you think would happen to the Sanctum Sanctorum while the good doctor is performing surgery a few blocks or worse a few thousand miles away?

Honestly, I know the reasoning why Marvel has done this….. This new twist on the character will allow for rejuvenation and revamping of the stories they can tell. Doctor Strange is now a man of 2 worlds literally, he will be practicing both magic and medicine, but will this be a detriment to the character overall? This is the question and we will have to stick around to find the answer.

Doctor Strange

Make sure you pick up Doctor Strange: Surgeon Supreme, December 2019.

Images: Marvel Comics