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Devil’s Reign #4 (Review)

Devil’s Reign continues as the heroes need to stop Fisk fast! Purple Man’s kids could be the key to Fisk retaining the title of Mayor.

Here’s a recap and update for this fantastic storyline! First, the Avengers and allies are on Mayor Fisk’s hitlist. Second, Luke Cage is running against the former Kingpin. Third, Foggy Nelson is in the hospital after an attack, orchestrated by the Mayor. Fourth, the current Kingpin and Fisk’s son, Butch is in jail. Finally, Doc Ock turns on the Mayor and has other versions of Marvel heroes at his side?! All that and more in the recent issue of Devil’s Reign.

Matt Murdock is outside taking a walk. He reflects how the city is under surveillance 24/7. Despite this, the man without fear prepares for battle. We are then taken to Mayor Fisk’s office. He is greeted by Otto Octavius, who just incapacitated Fisk’s men. He then gives the evil Wolverine a drink. Fisk questions Otto about his motives. Otto replies that he will actually provide a better and safer place for the civilians. Wolverine then insults Mary, Fisk’s wife, as the pair walk off. Finally, Otto mentions that Fisk’s son is currently in lockup.

Back to Matt, he enters a hospital window in costume to visit Foggy. He sees that Foggy is getting better and apologizes for this mess. Yet, does not want Matt’s empathy, he believes going against Fisk was the right thing to do. Next, Matt’s twin brother, Mike shows up to visit Foggy. This turns into a confrontation between the brothers as Matt thinks Mike is full of it. He brings up Butch’s arrest and said that he wants to help stop his father. Mike then storms off, as Matt calls him selfish.

DA Kirsten McDuffie shows up and comforts the vigilante. She asks about Foggy and kisses Matt, as he is worried about what happens next. Kirsten then apologizes for the kiss. Matt then talks about a story in the bible. Killers being outside of Earth. Matt believes he should kill Fisk once and for all.

Back to Fisk, he is instructing the Thunderbolts to retrieve Kilgrave’s kids. He even has Wesley provide them with tech to combat their mind control abilities. U.S. Agent questions if this is the right thing to do. Fisk assures him by telling him to complete the mission. However, it wasn’t really Fisk saying that. Mary then comes and tells her husband she wants to fight for him. Fisk assures her that will happen.

In the superpowered prison, Sue Storm breaks from her power-dampening collar. In her invisible state, she meets up with Reed Richards. We get a brief reference to Civil War as Reed mentions he designed the collar in the wake of the superhuman registration act. It made it easier for them to escape. Anyways, we see Invisible Woman and Moon Knight knocking out some guards. Tony Stark joins the fight. We see ¾ of the Fantastic Four, Moon Knight, Iron Man, and another hero fighting off the guards.

Later, Butch is released from prison by his father. Butch is still unhappy with him. The reason for his disappointment is that Doc Ock has more power than his own father. Fisk lashes out at his son. Butch responds by spitting in his old man’s face and walking off. We then see the Champions, Ms. Marvel, Ironheart, Viv, Nova, and Spider-Man fighting off Rhino. They have the upper hand, but the drones are overhead. However, Rhino attaches Thunderbolts badges to the young heroes. Rhino explains the purpose of the badges and why he saved the Champions. He hates the fact that Fisk is having him go after children, mainly Purple Man’s kids.

Spider-Man then meets up with and tells the Avengers what happened. He tells Captain America that Rhino can be trusted and what he just told them. She-Hulk and Luke Cage come to the conclusion that Fisk will win if he gets a hold of Purple Man’s children. Then, Jessica Jones recruits the Champions.

A disappointed Fisk is sitting by the fire as Mary attempts to seduce him. Mary assures him that Fisk will win the election and his son’s trust. However, Fisk is more worried about Mary and his mental state. The pair talk about being robbed of their memories as Fisk is once again speaking for someone else. The cane comes up, exciting his wife and worrying him even more. Fisk bolts to the rooftop and is told to remember. In the rain, the now angry Mayor has once again found out Daredevil’s secret identity.

Once again, the writer, Chip Zdarsky is doing a great job! The incorporation of all these heroes is really good. Also, the small references to Civil War and Born Again were nice! I love the writing for all of these characters. Kilgrave being alive after Fisk “killed” him, in the beginning, is insane! It was him all along, in a way. Yet, I feel as if Foggy, Rhino, and Butch stole the show.

Foggy is standing by his beliefs. He even tells Matt to stop saying sorry. Rhino also shows that he has morals. A character you would expect to follow orders, no matter what. Instead, he pulls through for the heroes. Finally, Butch is a menace! No one else can say that he spat in Wilson Fisk’s face and walked off. Especially after being released from prison by him. Butch has earned the Kingpin name right there.

As for the art, Marco Checchetto and Marcio Menyz did a great job too! Details always matter and they are present in the story. Seeing Sue in her invisible state is awesome. I also enjoyed Rhino’s fight with the Champions. The last two pages of Fisk were beautiful. Great use of the purple and rain made the pages pop! Yet, my favorite part was the heroes breaking out of prison.

Everyone looked great, especially Moon Knight! Let’s not forget the bold cover. This was done by Checchetto and Matthew Wilson. A great job by the pair and those work on the issue’s remaining illustrations. I just this in some way the plot to the Purple Rain (1984)! Fisk is struggling over his rage. His son is trying to avoid making his father’s mistakes. Fisk is in a relationship and at the top of his game. However, Doc Ock is trying to take away his power. Mind blown!

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