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Devil’s Reign #1 Review

Wilson Fisk continues to prove why he is a menace. This time, the former Kingpin is now outlawing the likes of Daredevils, Luke Cage, the Spider-Men, and even Captain America.

Devil’s Reign is here and Matt Murdock is no longer in prison. He had resumed the title of Daredevil, alongside his long-time ally, Elektra. Yet, pushes Mayor Fisk over the edge. Having his memory of Matt’s alter ego erased by Purple Man’s kids, Fisk gets to work. He put a new law in place, preventing heroes from doing their jobs. He appoints a task force group and a new Thunderbolts team to apprehend anyone that tries to help out civilians.

Now, the heroes are fighting back to stop Fisk’s nonsense. Also, we see that the mayor has appointed a new Kingpin! Let’s see what Devil’s Reign is all about. We start off with the Stromwyns discussing how they help Fisk gain the title of mayor. Their actions are leading into one hell of a reign. One week later, Daredevil meets up with Mayor Fisk in the streets of Hell’s Kitchen. Fisk throws a file at his rival. He explains that it contained crucial information about Daredevil’s identity. Fisk becomes frustrated asking for the reveal. Once more, this was the doing of Purple Man’s kids.

We are then brought to the present day. Mayor Fisk is giving a speech for his campaign as it is an election year. He goes on and on about heroes should be blamed for the terror the world has endured. He even references Daredevil’s accidental murder. As he speaks, we see Matt and Elektra looking on from a distance. He then announces “The Powers Act”. Anyone caught using their powers or helping people will be deemed a threat.

Fisk’s new wife, Typhoid Mary shows concern for what could happen. Fisk shrugs it off, hoping the heroes will retaliate. We then see the law and New York’s opinion on it. Tony Stark calls out Fisk for his actions. As that goes on, the Thunderbolt Units are introduced by Commissioner Kyle. We then see a random jogger supporting the law. We then see Storm warning Fisk to leave Krakoa alone. Krakoa houses all of the mutants and a deal was struck to leave them out of human affairs. Finally, we see Moon Knight being the first hero to make contact with the units. He takes them all out but now has to deal with the real Thunderbolts. We have Agony, Francine Frye’s Electro, Rhino, and U.S. Agent fighting Moon Knight.

Next, we are brought to Spider-Man aka Miles, saving a young girl from a fire. The firefighters praise Spidey for the work. They even warn him of upcoming units. Tried and unable to get out in time, Miles is shocked by one of them. They are then confronted by Captain America as they try arresting him too. Before one of them takes off Miles’s mask, Cap knocks out the men with his shield.

The Daredevils and Ben Reilly’s Spider-Man then aid the heroes. The group then retreated underground and talk about Fisk. Matt blames himself for what happened. The other heroes tell him that it isn’t his fault. Cap then walks off, proclaiming that they will stop Fisk. At Baxter Building, Reed and Sue are introduced to Homeland Security. They are being targeted due to potentially having dangerous weapons. Reed refuses their search because of his deal with the government.

However, Doctor Octopus sneaks power dampeners on the couple. Before Doc Ock can investigate, Sue warns the remainder of the team. The Thing, Human Torch, Valeria, and Franklin Richards are ambushed by the units. This angers Thing as he fights off the task force. They then escape via their ship.

Now, we have Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Dani Cage hearing about more arrests. Suddenly, there is a huge explosion with Luke running to save civilians. After stopping the bus from falling, he is greeted by Shocker. He took down the being responsible for the destruction. He then tells Luke to handcuff himself. The Hero for Hire refuses. The pair square off as Jessica tries to keep civilians safe. Luke is successful in disabling Shocker weapons. Jessica is also fighting off the units.

Luke then knocks out Shocker and calls out Fisk for his actions. Fisk is then having a meeting with the new Kingpin. Fisk tells him to embrace the role and that he’s helping him out. He also adds eliminating the heroes will help them greatly. Yet, the new Kingpin refuses. He even tells Fisk that he will lose. After kicking Fisk out of his office, it is revealed how this person is. The new Kingpin is named Byron Pharris or Butch for short. He is the son of Fisk.

The picture that Fisk held was Stella, his mother. The pair had an affair when she was neighbors with the Murdocks. Anyways, we then see a shocked man peeking out of the corner. He is stunned that Fisk let him live, with Butch not at all surprised. We then find that the man he is talking to is Michael, Matt’s twin brother. While in prison, Michael pretended to be Matt. They then talk about how Fisk may resume the Kingpin role if he fails. Also, Mike agrees with Fisk. Despite the hate for his father, Butch agrees that Fisk needs to win the elections.

Now, Luke and Jessica are packing to get off the grid. Jessica is not happy with Luke’s actions but understands. As the two leave their apartment, they are greeted by Tony. Tells the pair that he will be running against Fisk. This is to stop his “crusade”. Finally, Otto tells Fisk about a powerful weapon in the Baxter Building. Fisk tells Otto he owes him as he makes his way to another lab. He talks with the lab rat, Purple Man. Fisk explains how his files mysteriously disappeared due to Kilgrave’s actions. He even calls Purple Man worthless. As Fisk frees Kilgrave, he tells Fisk to kill himself. Yet, Fisk grabs him and tells him that his mind is stronger, before killing him. Fisk is now ready for the election.

Chip Zdarsky does a great job with this story! It is like a small version of Civil War, but no fighting among heroes and a lot better! I loved Luke Cage’s speech to New York. It shows how devoted he is to his people. I also loved seeing Cap stand up for Miles. Funny enough, similar to the other Civil War story. Oh, and the fact that the issue started and ended with Purple Man was a great message. Not to mention, that Fisk has similar talks with Kilgrave and Matt. Finally, the storyline’s title was creative too! Fisk is the devil and his reign is coming! All and all this was great writing.

Now we have great illustrations! They were done by Marco Checchetto and Marcio Menyz. The pair did a fantastic job! I loved seeing Moon Knight fighting the Thunderbolts! I also loved the Fantastic Four’s escape. Even the fight between Luke Cage and Shocker! These were some beautiful art pieces.

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