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Deadpool: Black, White, and Blood #4 (Review)

Where will Deadpool’s adventures take him this time?

The story starts off with Deadpool in a helicopter breaking the fourth wall and telling the readers that this book will be black-and-white with blood. He goes to an evil science lab because they are paying him $100 million to kill an experiment gone wrong. The scientists are all freaking out because the monster is coming closer and closer. Deadpool is trying to get some straight answers on what it is, only to be ignored. A scientist named Karl is tied up to a chair and tells Deadpool that there is no way of stopping his creation. What comes crashing through the wall is honestly hilarious.

The monster is actually a knock-off version of the Kool-Aid man we all used to see as kids. In this comic, though it’s a Kool-Aid Dinosaur that crashes through walls with a different catchphrase. Deadpool takes one look at it and tells them that they are getting sued. The scientists explain to him why Karl made this monster. Apparently, as a boy, he had a specific passion which was his love for the sugary, artificially flavored drink known as Kool-Aid. He had a specific love for the mascot of the Kool-Aid named Dino Drink Dino.

The Kool-Aid dinosaur’s goal is to quench your thirst forever. You can see in the background that this dinosaur is just killing everybody while they talk. Which is just so funny for me to see. Deadpool says it’s time to get sugar-free and gets to work killing the monster. What comes next is a battle that the dinosaur is clearly winning. It eats Deadpool’s arm off. The scientist mocks Deadpool for losing to a Kool-Aid dinosaur. Deadpool tells her that they shouldn’t make stupid monsters. The dinosaur suddenly talks, asking them why he thinks he’s a monster.

He says that he has a thirst for violence and is trying to quench this thirst at the lab so he can serve as an inspiration for all humanity and unleash a wave of peace over the world. Deadpool feels awfully bad because the arm that the dinosaur ate was holding a bunch of grenades. The dinosaur blows up in a splash of Kool-Aid. He was cherry-flavored.

The next story is in an anime-type of style that looks like it’s taking a lot of inspiration from My Hero Academia. Deadpool meets a villain who calls himself The Disposer. He is a mutant from a secret society that Deadpool has destroyed. He says he lived all this time just to kill him. Deadpool makes fun of him which has Disposer in a rage. He attacks him with his fists, telling him he knows all of Deadpool‘s weaknesses. Deadpool tells him he’s undefeatable but Disposer distracts him by telling him Spider-Man is behind him.

Deadpool easily falls for this because he is in love with Spider-Man. He immediately knows he made a mistake when Disposer sucker punches him in the face, making him fly into a building. They get interrupted when an anime girl in a spider suit stops the villain. Deadpool calls her a copycat, this gets her irritated. She tells him her name is Sakura-Spider. Deadpool ignores her and cuts the head off the villain.

The last story is about Deadpool waking up on a weird planet. He sees a gross-looking creature holding a red baby. The creature runs away from him so he tries to go after it. He runs across a huge spider so he uses it for transportation. They catch up to the creature holding a baby but the spider throws Deadpool off of it. Deadpool attacks the thing. He reaches for the red baby but it morphs into a red blob with teeth, trying to eat him.  He wakes up on the ground in a movie theater. The whole thing never happened.

This series has a bunch of artists in them because it’s a three-story comic in different art styles. All of these stories only incorporate the colors black, white, and red which are cool to see. I have to say my favorite artist would have to be Martin Coccolo. His art was very detailed and beautiful to look at. He made the gory parts look really realistic.

I also give credit to Hikaru Uesugi for his art in the second story. He does a good job of making the art look like manga. The art reminds me of anime I’ve watched, which is a unique art style for a comic. Michael Allred is the artist of the third story. He makes strange creatures that really capture your attention. 

As for the writing, Christopher Yost with his Koolaid monster was my favorite of the three. It was so ridiculous it made me laugh. The jokes and dialogue were also really well done. You would think this premise would be really stupid but it had me entertained throughout. The second story by Sanshiro Kasama would be my second favorite.

The dialogue was like an anime. Announcing their attacks like a Shounen anime was funny. I would have to say the third story written by Michael Allred was my least favorite of the bunch. Not a lot happened in this story. The jokes fell flat for me but the art was interesting enough to keep my attention. Overall, this was a fun read.

Deadpool: Black, White, and Blood #4 is available now at your local comic book shop.

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