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DC Future State: Comics Reviews For Week: 1/12/2021 (Part 1 of 2)

Week 2 of Future State is in and these stories needed to be told!

Future State: Green Lantern

If Future State has shown us anything, it is that even the Green Lantern’s brightest day is well behind them. In this, not so distant future the GL Corps is no more. Their light has flickered and their power with it. Instead, we have the few still giving it their all to keep the galaxy safe from those who would do them harm. John Stewart answers the call as he’s leading a ragtag team of his own, with other GL’s Salaak and G’Nort. (They have a Guardians of the Galaxy feel to them if its easier to digest lol) The team is trying to hold off legions of Khund warriors while a planet flees for their lives.

I love this story written by Geoffrey Thorne and illustrated by Tom Raney thus far. It’s always been a favorite theme of mine to see what made the ring choose their lanterns. It’s always those moments that really encapsulate the character’s essence. John Stewart we’ve seen time and again hold his own against the best of them, and we know of his time as a Marine. But we never had to see go this direction as much as others. Trying his best to stay calm under difficult odds.

With that said they know this isn’t a battle they can win. It’s a survival mission, hold out as long as you can to save as many lives as possible. And in war there will be casualties. Which brings me to another great piece that is yet to be told; and thats what happened after their fall. When the lantern’s fell what went on, wheres Kilowag now? He is shown during a traumatic moment in a flashback and all i have now are questions! But thats not all. We have the side stories of Guy Gardner and Jessica Cruz to also entice us.

The corps is vast and these two human lanterns are among them. As the green light faded they were both on respective missions themselves. While Guy was on a standard peace negotiation mission, he is stranded on a planet for about 5 years. His story goes better then most of the lanterns but you need to read it to find out how. Jessica Cruz is stranded as well at an GL Outpost, still trying to do her duty as well. But her time of solitude was demolished by the appearance of the Sinestro Corps. Now i will say our Jessica has made hige strides since her first appearance and this makes it an awesome read, especially with the unexpected ending.

Overall this book has a little bit for everyone. and its an awesome addition to the Future State line. – Ed

Future State: Kara Zor-El Superwoman

Supergirl has always been a prominent member of the Super-Family. Originally appointed protector of her younger cousin of Kal-El, she was thrown into a time that Kal-El had already grown into Superman. And her protection was far from necessary, but the family was what he needed. Throughout the years of her comic run, she had always been at odds with Clark for many different opinions. Though she has always been there to help she has always been the outsider. One of the few Kryptonians that still remembered the beautiful planet. And Future State continues that theme.

If you read either our review or the issue of Superman of Metropolis you will learn Supergirl now dubbed Superwoman was not 100% behind Jon inheriting the mantle of Superman and new protector of Earth. She believed her age and experience justified this role. But the family felt differently; though she stayed for some time guiding the young hero in his early days of taking over. She finds herself on a different path on Earth’s Moon. Where she created a colony for “outsiders” from far and wide to live in peace. With her best friend Krypto the Superdog now passed, she hopes to pass on the incredible deed he did by staying with her for so many years.

At this point, she has forfeited anger and violence altogether. Coincidentally enough a young super-powered traveler makes her way into the Moon Colony for her own salvation. After a quick tussle with the woman of steel, we learn this newcomer is named Lynari. The child is much more powerful than can be expected literally draining Kara’s powers for a bit to then lean she had just acquired these abilities. With the formalities out of the way, Kara begins to mentor her in wielding such power while also guiding her to a way of peace. Which only lasts so long when Lynari’s people come to take back the power she had stolen.

This issue was more of a setup toward something larger. When you have a talented writer like Margueritte Bennett you’re in for some surprises. Kara is on her journey of discovery, always being the character who is understood as alien to others it was difficult for her to feel accepted. Renouncing the hot-tempered attitude she’s known for Superwoman had hoped this would bring her a sense of purpose and that’s what this title is all about. I’m sticking with this title for the conclusion because like I said this writer knows how to craft her morals and stories beautifully. – Ed

Future State: Dark Detective

FUTURE STATE GOTHAM IS AWESOME!!! I cant rave enough about this world building. Gotham is like its own planet right now while the magistrate attempts to eliminate all vigilantes in their city once and for all. All while creating a police state doing it. Bruce Wayne is pronounced dead in the very first panels, but we all know better then that. Bruce makes a narrowing escape all while getting the life saving surgery to save himself from the gunshot wound dealt by the Peacekeeper-01.

Now knowing he was attacked while he was not Batman makes it even more of a mystery. Why is the magistrate killing civilians besides the possibility of just removing anyone who knew affiliates at any point to vigilantes I think the plot digs deeper later on. And to make things even more interesting Bruce has lost his wealth! He is no longer the billionaire but a lowly beggar running for his life. Yes, I know your thinking “Bruce wouldn’t run.” Normally I would agree but this is a man on the mend as well as outclassed. The Magistrate has the tech on par with the Joker War equipment we saw produced.

With that being said we know Batman can only play possum for so long before he himself cannot stomach it. Eventually a mugging catches Bruce’s attention and he sluggishly halts the criminals attempts, not without taking some hits himself. Out of shape, practice, and all his awesome bat gadgets Batman has his work cut out for him. Were in a moment of time that Bruce has lost it all and all he has is his skills and wits to possibly find a way to fight back this tyranny and save his city.

As one of the few titles spanning 4 issues, theres going to be so much story to unpack and im pumped for it all! The subtle nuances of potential Batman Beyond timeline from small mentions of “credits”, and just seeing a Batman that’s stripped down to just his grappling hook and physical skill its a refreshing story we can all get behind. Mariko Tamaki has already proven to me with the recent arc of Wonder Woman that her writing is up to the task of creating an awesome story, and accompanied by the great art by Dan Mora this is a must-have book! – Ed

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