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Daredevil: Woman Without Fear #2 (Review)

Can Elektra defeat Kraven or will she fall victim to his hunt?– Spoilers Ahead For Daredevil: Woman Without Fear #2

The story opens with a summary of recent events in Daredevil: Woman Without Fear #1. Wilson Fisk, the current Mayor of New York, has outlawed superhero vigilantism within the city limits and deputized super villains as a new team of Thunderbolts to maintain law and order alongside the NYPD. Now, enemies from Elektra’s past are armed with the knowledge of her every vulnerability, and Kraven The Hunter wants his next trophy to be Elektra.

We start the story with Elektra confronting Kraven in a snowy forest. She tells him she knows of him and that she is not his usual game. Kraven tells her he needs a new challenge. What better challenge than one of the deadliest assassins in the world? They start fighting and Elektra tells him he is being used. He tells her he doesn’t care.

That either way he’s getting what he wants. That if she doesn’t stay and fight him he will tell her secret. He will tell Daredevil that she was part of a villainous group called The Hand. Her mission when they first met was to convince Daredevil to join.

What he doesn’t know is that she already told him. She didn’t want to risk losing him, not when he is her only weakness. She loves him too much. She tells Kraven that she already told him. That he has no leverage over her. The police show up and Kraven leaves to acquire new leverage. He’s going after a friend of Elektra’s. She gives chase but a police officer shoots her in the leg. She knocks him out, taking his police car.

The story flashes back to a time when Elektra had to say goodbye to Matt Murdock at the airport. She fell in love with him and decided she will not coerce him into joining The Hand. She falls asleep only to wake up to see her old mentor Aka covered in blood. She murdered everyone on the plane. She tells Elektra she failed her mission.

That she will never escape her as long as she is part of The Hand. In the present day, Elektra is at her friend Goldy’s office only to find Kraven took him. Kingpin’s soldiers find her there and because vigilantes are now illegal they try to apprehend her. She fights them all, escaping to go save her friend.

She meets with Kraven, who has a knife to Goldy’s throat. She tells him that they should settle this one-on-one. Her old master Aka is spotted on the roof watching everything. Kraven agrees, throwing her friend away from him. Ready to fight. More police vehicles are starting to show up though. Elektra tells him he should have picked a different place to fight because super-powered individuals are illegal. He shows her the Thunderbolt badge Fisk gave him. This means he is now part of the new team named The Thunderbolts that take superheroes out legally. Elektra is now at a disadvantage. The fight is on.

The art by Rafael De Latorre is still really beautiful to look at. I love the art in this series so much. It’s just so detailed and pleasing to look at. Elektra looks gorgeous. I love how he drew her hair differently in the flashback portions. He really did his research on past Elektra looks in her past series. The settings whether it be snow or the city are all pleasing to look at. The colors in this series are also vibrant.

As for the writing by Chip Zdarsky, I just love how he writes Elektra. He just really understands her as a character and gives just stellar writing for her. I love when he dives into her past.  Her love for Matt, her conflicted loyalties, and her interactions with the characters are all great! I never once thought she was out of character. This series so far is one of the standouts I’ve read this year. I can’t wait for the next issue!

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