Strange Adventures

Tom King , Mitch Gerads, and Doc Shaner deliver a fresh story for Adam Strange in Strange Adventures!

The creative team behind Strange Adventures issue 1 have dove deep into a character with much history but not as much recognition through his days. The hero had his first appearance on November of 1958 in Showcase #17. Strange has been a part of DC history as far as anyone can recall. Being a member of the multiple Justice League teams, as well as the sworn protector of the planet called Rann. Tom King crafted a story for old and new fans. A stand out aspect of this story that gives plenty of backstory for readers who know nothing about the hero. And begins to plant roots to a tale of false truths, blackmail, and redemption.

Adam Strange

Ill keep this NON-SPOILER for you all because this is definitely a story that needs to be read. The team delivers with visuals and story-telling that keeps you entangled from beginning to end. The two art style for the interior pages sets the tone for the scenes and plot of the story. While reading you will be able to see clearly that Mitch Gerads pages are pertaining to the present life of Adam Strange after finally returning home from the long war on planet Rann. In transition between panels of Doc Shaner’s illustrations where we see him in the pivotal moments of his time with Alanna and the war he fought. You can see the difference in styles as a a tone for the mood. While Shaner’s style shows past events in a clean, crisp, and bright picture it makes you feel the events as a simpler time for the hero. While the artistic darker water color style of Gerads sets the tone of a difficult time to come for him.

Strange Adventures
Strange Adventures #1

Adam Strange goes on tour for his memoir, a “tell all” book he wrote of his excursions during the time of war; he is welcomed back as a hero obviously. Morning show appearances, book signings galore. (Very similar to our authors lifestyle at conventions.) All is well for Adam Strange until a irate patron approaches him about his dealings on Rann; days later the patron turns up murdered. And this is when the story get on its way. Adam being accused of the deed is now under the scope of world media. Though he has already claimed innocence, the war hero will need more then his word to gain the peoples trust once more. Since Batman in good conscious cannot assist him due to their history. He gains the assistance of Mr Terrific “Mr. Fairplay” himself to work toward the truth of this horrible situation.

The story has already shaped itself into something for the masses. A origin story for the new readers, a continuation from the mythos of Adam Strange for the avid readers. And a mystery story we all can enjoy. So many reasons to go get this book, amazing art styles combined for fun story-telling. A new story not needing to do any homework for, or expecting a long 50 issue run that drags on to give you a coherent story. No this 12 issue maxi series will tie up all loose ends by its end. Though we have some ways to go the story is shaping up pretty well already. The DC black Label publication is much needed as well when some of the themes are very mature. So KEEP THAT IN MIND PARENTS! I will Nerdify Certify this title with a 9 out of 10 rating. If your a fan of Tom king, Doc Shaner, Mitch Gerads your going to want this book for your collection. Hope you enjoyed the review and let me know what you thought in the comments. As Always Stay Nerdy My Friends!

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