Avengers: Curse of The Man-Thing Review

This one shot Avengers/Man-Thing Crossover brings us into the mind of man trapped inside the monster.

Avengers: Curse of the Man-Thing is written by Steve Orlando with Art by Francesco Mobili, Color Artist Guru-eFX and Letterer VC’s Clayton Cowles


Marvel Comics is going to have a Man-Thing binge these next few weeks and it all starts here with Avengers: Curse of the Man-Thing but to be quite honest this One Shot didn’t really do much to explain where the story is headed. This issue starts in a lab with “The Hordeculture” a group of bioterrorists we haven’t seen since the Empyre event in a few X-men Tie-ins. This is not a group that needs no introduction readers can’t be expected to know who they are especially if we are going to make one of their members, Harrower (who coincidentally we’ve never met before), into the main antagonist. All that being said and with all the nitpicks I mentioned, I actually really enjoyed this read.

The beginning of the issue tied itself together nicely especially if you already had even the slightest idea of who the Hordeculture are. Harrower, one of the Hordecultures more unhinged members wants to take Man-Thing and it’s power and use it to ravage and raze the world leaving it’s plantlife and animals to thrive and removing Humanity from the food chain. This issue is broken up into 3 chapters and each one continues the story build and keeps it moving at a pretty steady pace.

This issue gives new readers an extremely brief summary of who Man-Thing is and how he came to be and that informs certain events that transpire later on with our favorite Star Spangled Avenger. The Avengers are called to handle a situation that arose overnight, giant mushroom-esque towers have spread around the world and the Avengers have spread out to try and contain the threats.

All in all this was a pretty fun book with a few missteps but the kicker here is that although this comic book was sold to us as a One Shot there was no ending at the close of this book. There was nothing wrapped up or solved when we reached the final pages of this issue, instead we are informed that there are a few books coming out that seemingly continue this story. Stay vigilant comic fans as we look forward to the next One Shot in the Man-Thing series… Spiderman: Curse of the Man-Thing.


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