BOOM! Studios May 2023 Solicitations The Nerdy Basement

BOOM! Studios May 2023 Solicitations

The May 2023 solicitations are making the rounds around the internet. As with other major publishers, BOOM! Studios will be releasing new issues for current ongoing series, final issues for some of their current limited series, and of course, collected editions for those who were either unable to pick up any of these series while single issues were available; this way they’re able to binge read any series they were looking to pick up as the months go along.

BOOM! is hitting the ground running with new issues for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, The Seasons Have Teeth, The Expanse, and more. We also have a glimpse of what’s to come this July with collected editions of Once Upon a Time at the End of the World, the hit new horror series GRIM, and Magic the Gathering. Plenty of hot titles coming out and whether you’re new to BOOM! Studios or avid fans, there is something here for everyone!

Check out the full list of BOOM! Studios solicits for May 2023 below:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Lost Summer #1 (BOOM! Studios) – SPECIAL ISSUE. Spike is determined to keep the last copy of his embarrassing poetry from being discovered, sending Buffy and the Scooby Gang on a faux-supernatural goose chase to New Orleans to cover his tracks. At an antiques fair, the group is fascinated by The Casquette Girls’ clothes on display. When Dawn utters a wish she most likely should have kept to herself, the gang gains a firsthand account of the sisters’ identities… beyond what they could have imagined. Buffy, The Last Vampire Slayer writer Casey Gilly is joined by Golden Rage artist Lauren Knight, bringing fans a historically fun and frightful one-shot to sink their fangs into!

Retail Price:$7.99
Writer: Casey Gilly
Artist: Lauren Knight
Colorist: Francesco Segala
Cover Artist:
A: Main Cover: Mirka Andolfo
B: Variant Cover: Veronica Fish
C: Incentive Cover (1:10): Mirka Andolfo
D: Incentive Cover (1:15): Paulina Ganucheau
E: Unlockable Cover (1 copy): Veronica Fish

Ghostlore #1 (BOOM! Studios) – NEW SERIES. We’ve all heard of ghost stories… but what stories do the ghosts themselves tell us? An estranged daughter and her pastor father wander a haunted land; they only have the restless spirits, each with its own story to tell, as company along the way. After a deadly accident of which they were the only survivors, Lucas and Harmony Agate can see the dead–an overwhelming amount of the deceased, all with their own warnings, cries for help, and malevolence alike.

But Lucas and Harmony aren’t the only ones with this ability; there are other nearly-deads, some of which have malicious motivations… Cullen Bunn of Basilisk and The Empty Man acclaim is joined by superstar artist Leomacs (Basketful of Heads) and guest artist Brian Hurtt (The Sixth Gun)—the first in a haunting lineup of artists featured in each issue–to bring readers the most eye-opening spectral story since The Sixth Sense! This 12-issue series is the newest BOOM! Studios collaboration with Cullen Bunn, with issue #1 featuring a special Spot UV Ghost Variant!

Retail Price: $4.99
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Leomacs; Brian Hurtt
Cover Artist:
A: Main Cover: Leomacs
B: Variant Cover: Brian Hurtt
C: Spot UV Ghost Variant: Tonči Zonjić
D: Incentive Cover (1:10): Brian Hurtt
E: Incentive Cover (1:25): Reiko Murakami
F: Incentive Cover (1:50): Jenny Frison
G: Unlockable Cover (1 copy): Leomacs

Harrower #4 The Nerdy Basement

Harrower #4 (BOOM! Studios) – FINAL ISSUE. Every secret comes to light as Jessa is confronted with the horrible truth of the figures behind everything! As she faces the Harrower in a final showdown, her fate seems inevitable. Can she escape becoming what she fears most?

Retail Price: $4.99
Writer: Justin Jordan
Artist: Brahm Revel
Colorist: Brahm Revel
Cover Artist:
A: Main Cover: Brahm Revel
B: Incentive Cover (1:15): Maria Wolf

Mosely #5 (BOOM! Studios) – FINAL ISSUE. After what seemed like the final battle, Mose and family discover the sinister, ancient force behind the Tech Gods themselves! While Mosely and Gloria have to fight the internal demons of their past, they face a very tangible demon, alien and arcane, with a dark link to human history. However, even if they succeed, what will their victory mean for the human race, when they’ve been reliant on AI for so long?

Retail Price: $4.99
Writer: Rob Guillory
Artist: Sam Lotfi
Colorist: Jean-Francois Beaulieu
Cover Artist:
A: Main Cover: Sam Lotfi
B: Variant Cover: Rob Guillory
C: Incentive Cover (1:10): George Kambadais
D: Incentive Cover (1:25): InHyuk Lee
E: Unlockable Cover (1 copy): Sam Lotfi
F: Unlockable Cover (1 copy): Rob Guillory

BOOM! Studios

Grim Reaper Pack #1 (BOOM! Studios) – Whether you missed out on the widely sold-out early issues of Grim or are just an avid collector, this limited edition Grim Reaper Pack of #1-5 will never be resurrected with a reprint, so don’t let it slip away into the afterlife! Featuring 5 brand new, exclusive covers by acclaimed artist Dave Johnson (Detective Comics, 100 Bullets), Jessica Harrow’s introduction has never looked so alive!

Retail Price: Main Cover: $39.99
Writer: Stephanie Phillips
Artist: Flaviano
Cover Artist: Dave Johnson

BOOM! Studios

Grim Vol. 2 SC (BOOM! Studios) – In her continuing macabre journey as a grim reaper, Jessica Harrow is still trapped in Las Vegas with fellow reapers Eddie and Marcel, where they encounter a fabulous twist on mythical Greek figures, as well as someone with the authority to get them out of their phantasmal dilemma. Jess’ means of moving between the world of the living and the realm of the dead has also gone amok.

When everyone becomes marked for death but no one is dying, the consequences could be catastrophic! Will Jessica find a way to return to the Afterlife and take her rightful place atop the throne? Or will Adira solidify her control, now that she’s finally in possession of Death’s scythe? From acclaimed writer Stephanie Phillips (Harley Quinn) and fan-favorite artist Flaviano (New Mutants) comes a bold new vision of what comes after, and the nature of death itself! Collects Grim #6-10.

Retail Price: $14.99
Writer: Stephanie Phillips
Artist: Flaviano
Cover Artist: Flaviano

Once Upon a Time At The End of the World Volume 1 The Nerdy Basement

Once Upon a Time at the End of the World Vol. 1 SC (BOOM! Studios) -“Love in the Wasteland” kicks off the first arc of this epic trilogy that spans a lifetime as the dark mysteries of a ruined world and their own stark differences tear at the threads holding Mezzy and Maceo together. As they endure the horrors of plastic tornadoes and frozen sludge, Maceo proves to be more than just a burden, and they make an unlikely connection. But to their peril… they might not be as alone as they thought…

New York Times bestselling, Eisner and Harvey Award-winning writer Jason Aaron (Thor, The Avengers, Southern Bastards) launches his most ambitious original series to date with three distinct artistic partners – Eisner Award-winning artist Alexandre Tefenkgi (The Good Asian), acclaimed artists Leila del Duca (Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed, Sleepless), and Nick Dragotta (East of West, Ghost Cage) – to take on a vision of the end of the world that’s brutal and nostalgic, whimsical and grounded… and ultimately, timeless. Collects Once Upon A Time At The End Of The World #1-5.

Retail Price: $17.99
Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Alexandre Tefenkgi & Nick Dragotta
Colorist: Lee Loughridge & Rico Renzi
Cover Artist: Mike del Mundo

BOOM! Studios

Eve: Children of the Moon SC (BOOM! Studios) – Eve already saved the world once, embarking on a perilous quest to protect what remained of humanity after a deadly virus outbreak… but the story continues! Selene, a source of hope for the many children that flocked to her rest stop, resents Eve, Eve’s sister, and Wexler. The conflict amongst them and the survivors is dire… even sowing the potential for civil war.

But an A.I. with terrifying origins from deep beneath the sea brings new revelations about the threats they face… not only of earth, but beyond. Eve and her companions face new challenges and a darkness from their past in this exciting sequel series from award-winning author and lauded professor Victor LaValle (The Ballad of Black Tom, Victor LaValle’s Destroyer) and returning Eve artist Jo Mi-Gyeong (The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance). Collects Eve: Children of the Moon #1-5.

Retail Price: $17.99
Writer: Victor LaValle
Artist: Jo Mi-Gyeong
Colorist: Brittany Peer
Cover Artist: Ario Anindito

BOOM! Studios

The Complete Incorruptible by Mark Waid SC (BOOM! Studios) – Supervillain Max Damage had an epiphany the day his nemesis, The Plutonian, destroyed Sky City. When The Plutonian turned his back on humanity, Max Damage decided to step up. Now, Max Damage has turned from his formerly selfish ways–but Max quickly learns how difficult the path of a hero is when the world still thinks you’re a supervillain.

The companion series to the Eisner-nominated smash hit Irredeemable is collected in an updated volume with a new foreword by musician and filmmaker Jeymes Samuel (The Harder They Fall), as writer Mark Waid (Daredevil, Kingdom Come) and a team of artists including Jean Diaz and Marcio Takara (Captain Marvel) examine the hard, difficult road to changing your ways and making a difference in the world. Collects Incorruptible #1-30 and Irredeemable #33-34.

Retail Price: $49.99
Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Jean Diaz, Horacio Domingues, Marcio Takara, and Damian Couceiro with Belardinao Brabo, Michael
Babinski, and Juan Castro
Colorist: Andrew Dalhouse and Nolan Woodard
Cover Artist: John Cassady and Laura Martin

BOOM! Studios

Wynd Book Three: The Throne In The Sky HC (DM only) (BOOM! Box) – The land of Esseriel is a darker and more dangerous place than ever, as tensions between the Human and Faerie realms build to the brink of war. Could Wynd be the only hope for peace? Danger, betrayal, and even some romance confront our heroes at every turn, while elsewhere, the Duke makes murderous plans of his own. Things seem dire, but help from an unexpected figure might just be the lifeline Wynd and Merien need… even though the final battle draws near.

The Eisner and GLAAD-nominated Wynd saga continues in this hardcover volume exclusively for comic shops from Eisner Award-winning writer James Tynion IV (Batman, Something is Killing the Children) and artist Michael Dialynas (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), the GLAAD Award-winning creative team behind The Woods. Collects Wynd: The Throne in the Sky #1-5.

Retail Price: $19.99
Writer: James Tynion IV
Artist: Michael Dialynas
Cover Artist: Michael Dialynas

BOOM! Studios

Magic: Soul and Stone HC (BOOM! Studios) – In this deluxe hardcover collection, experience two standalone tales each spotlighting a beloved Magic: The Gathering character. First, delve into Ajani Goldmane’s past adventures and uncover stunning surprises, including what happened when the steadfast, valiant protector faced threats beyond his capabilities! Meanwhile, Nahiri has protected her home plane of Zendikar for centuries, her ruthlessness and power kept in check by a strong sense of justice. But a new challenge awaits that may change the way the Multiverse perceives her…

Nebula, Hugo, Locus, and Alex Award-winning novelist Seanan McGuire (Ghost-Spider) returns to the world of Magic: The Gathering with artists Kath Lobo (Go Go Power Rangers), Jacques Salomon (Lovecraft: Unknown Kadath), Giuseppe Cafaro (Red Sonja), Lea Caballero (Just Beyond), and Michael Shelfer (The Vampire Slayer) to bring Ajani Goldmane and Nahiri the Lithomancer to comics! Collects Magic: Ajani Goldmane #1 and Magic: Nahiri the Lithomancer #1.

Retail Price: $24.99
Writer: Seanan McGuire
Artist: Kath Lobo, Lea Caballero, Giuseppe Cafaro, Nori Retherford, Jacques Salomon, & Michael Shelfer
Colorist: Raúl Angulo, Alejandro Mejías, Gloria Martinelli, Natalia Nesterenko, Protobunker’s Fernando Sifuentes,
& Kieran Quigley
Cover Artist: Junggeun Yoon

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #108 – In the past, Rita retrieves the mysterious Vessel with one of her close allies, who is shocked to discover The Vessel’s true identity! In a chain of emotional events, The Vessel himself will have to contend with where his allegiance will lie in the end. Will he be friend or foe for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?

Retail Price:$3.99
Writer: Melissa Flores
Artist: Marco Renna
Colorist: Francesco Segala
Cover Artist:
A: Main Cover: Taurin Clarke
B: Variant Cover: Suspiria Vilchez
C: Action Figure Incentive Cover (1:10): Bon Bernardo
D: Incentive Cover (1:25): Suspiria Vilchez
E: Unlockable Cover (1 copy): Taurin Clarke

The Expanse Dragon Tooth #2 – The stellar expansion and continuation of The Expanse continues in the only place fans will find new
adventures! In a time of great strife and subterfuge, Sohiro, Roki, Avasarala, and other key players make their way in the breadth of cosmic colonialism and piracy. But, a long-hidden threat lurks in waiting… connected to threads from the past that will change the future forever. Superstar writer Andy Diggle (Hellblazer) and highly acclaimed artist Rubine (Astronaut Down) continue the epic, 12-issue continuation of the highly celebrated sci-fi franchise The Expanse!

Retail Price: $4.99
Writer: Andy Diggle
Artist: Rubine
Cover Artist:
A: Main Cover: Christian Ward
B: Variant Cover: Junggeun Yoon
C: Incentive Cover (1:10): Ethan Young
D: Incentive Cover (1:25): Dan Mora

Dune: House Harkonnen #5 – Chaos ensues across planets as Gurney stages a tense rescue mission, while Liet and Warrick are forced to make a difficult choice, and Leto regrets putting the young Victor in danger’s way on Caladan. Meanwhile, the recapture of Ix turns explosive, and the Bene Gesserit prepare for the presentation of a
fateful person in Leto’s life to come…

Retail Price: $4.99
Writer: Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson
Artist: Fran Galán
Colorist: Patricio Delpeche
Cover Artist:
A: Main Cover: Raymond Swanland
B: Variant Cover: Reiko Murakami
C: Incentive Cover (1:10): Raymond Swanland
D: Incentive Cover (1:25): Jeremy Bastian
E: FOC Reveal Cover: TBA
F: Unlockable Cover (1 copy): Raul Allen

The Vampire Slayer #14 – Buffy’s relationship with Giles remains strained, but they work together to repair things as Buffy is determined to take back her identity as The Slayer! Meanwhile, Willow gets a better handle on her immense power, and just in time… as the Crab God grows in power from its infantile form…

Retail Price: $4.99
Writer: Sarah Gailey
Artist: Kath Lobo
Colorist: Valentina Pinto
Cover Artist:
A: Main Cover: Skylar Patridge
B: Variant Cover: Yoshi Yoshitani
C: Incentive Cover (1:10): Skylar Patridge

The Neighbors #3 – Janet finds trouble with the locals as she becomes aware of a suspicious lack of children in town… while Cunnanock’s picture-perfect visage falls apart… Meanwhile, supernatural threats aren’t the only worries on Oliver’s mind, as suspected transphobia in town
threatens his well-being, and the palpable strangeness of Agnes’s house draws Isobel in.

Retail Price: $4.99
Writer: Jude Ellison S. Doyle
Artist: Letizia Cadonici
Colorist: Alessandro Santoro
Cover Artist:
A: Main Cover: Miguel Mercado
B: Homage Variant Cover: InHyuk Lee
C: Incentive Cover (1:15): DANI

The Seasons Have Teeth #2 – Summer, the most chaotic and destructive of all seasons, creates a flood of refugees and international tensions, with Andrew as the newly-acclaimed photographer there to document the onslaught. But it’s not just the monstrous season that brings chaos, as human prejudice and hatred heats up, bringing up painful memories of Andrew’s past conflict photography. With his dreams and finite life waning, Andrew is determined to capture the perfect shot… even if there’s a risk of it being his last.

Retail Price: $4.99
Writer: Dan Watters
Artist: Sebastian Cabrol
Cover Artist:
A: Main Cover: Qistina Khalidah
B: Incentive Cover (1:25): Sebastian Fiumara
C: FOC Reveal Cover: TBA

House of Slaughter #15 – In the final issue of the third story arc, Jace will have to make a difficult choice between vengeance and rescuing Sunny from the White Masks! But just as Sunny has to deal with the monster within, Jace unleashes his rage in a more terrifying way than the children have ever witnessed…

Retail Price: $3.99
Writer: James Tynion IV & Tate Brombal
Artist: Antonio Fuso & Werther Dell’Edera
Colorist: Miquel Muerto
Cover Artist:
A: Main Cover: Mateus Manhanini
B: Main Cover: Werther Dell’Edera
C: Connecting Cardstock Cover: Danny Luckert
D: Incentive Cover (1:25): Danny Luckert
E: Incentive Cover (1:50): Mateus Manhanini
F: Incentive Cover (1:75): Sebastian Fiumara
G: FOC Reveal Cover: TBA
H: Unlockable Cover (1 copy): Werther Dell’Edera

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