The God of High School: Veronica Taylor (Interview)

We present you with our exclusive interview with The God of High School English dub voice actress Veronica Taylor, the voice of Yoo Mira.

A fun little tidbit for you all before you dive into this interview. This isn’t my first time interviewing Veronica Taylor. Late last year during AnimeNYC, I had the opportunity to interview Veronica Taylor in a group roundtable setting. Unfortunately, I did not like how the interview turned out and that interview never saw the light of day.

Granted I had video and audio files for the interview but I was not pleased with the turnout. Add in the fact that we were in a group setting as opposed to a 1:1 interview like this one. Either way, I’m glad to have had the opportunity to interview Veronica Taylor a second time around, chances like these don’t happen often. I do hope you all enjoy the interview and enjoy Veronica Taylor as Yoo Mira in The God of High School.

The God of High School

What stood out to you the most about Yoo Mira, what characteristics stood out to you and told you “this is a character I want to bring to life”?

I love the fact that Mira is seen as shy and unassuming and then we find out how powerful she really is. The challenge is keeping her often over the top character grounded in the reality of a young woman discovering her strength and place in the world. She is complicated and full of surprises. Altogether, a dream for an actor to play.

Mira is a quest to find a strong successor to the Moon Light Sword Style in order to fulfill her father’s legacy. In doing so she enters The God of High School tournament. How significant is this journey for her?

I think this journey is significant for Mira on two levels- externally, she has her quest to fulfill her destiny, but internally, she is on an equally important journey of self-discovery. She is forced to challenge herself, physically and mentally, and all that she thought she knew to be true- about who she is, her capabilities, her quest, and the world in which she lives. I think we, the audience, will learn about ourselves as we discover more about Mira.

the god of high school

Although petite and adorable, Mira is quite a formidable opponent. She’s strong, she’s a leader and has her head on straight. Something that is very prevalent in anime across many genres. Strong, beautiful women. How important is that to you as an actor, the sort of strong female representation?

This is quite an honor and a terrific challenge to play a character as complex, strong, and wonderfully honest as Mira. It is nice to see someone who is unapologetic about her strength and can hold her own with anyone. Simultaneously, she can listen to and learn from those around her. These are all important qualities for anyone to have, most especially the hero of our story. Being the voice helping to bring this vibrant role model to life is certainly a high point for me.

How can female anime viewers relate to Mira?

Mira is a young woman who is not perfect, but continually challenges herself to learn from mistakes and be a better person, both in and out of the tournament. I think we all can learn from Mira’s dedication, determination, and incredible skills. Female viewers, in particular, will benefit from “seeing themselves” in this character and on screen. Strength and grace. Mira takes us on her complicated journey and we are better for it.

What is one of the most important lessons Mira learns during her time in this tournament?

Well, I can’t speak to the whole tournament as we are not that deep into recording this season. But I can say that, from what I’ve seen so far, I think her most important lessons to be learned will be internal and personal. Mira entered this tournament with a certain amount of confidence and determination toward her goal. She must learn to be flexible and rethink almost everything she knows to be true. She must learn who she is at her very core. It’s going to be a great season!!  

the god of high school

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