The God of High School: Sean Chiplock (Interview)

We present you with our exclusive interview with The God of High School English dub voice actor Sean Chiplock, the voice of Han Daewi.

The God of High School

What attracted you to the character of Han Daewi?

Well, I got audition sides for him alongside the others, so of course I submitted auditions for him! But I do appreciate every time I get a chance to step outside of my performance comfort zone and explore parts of me that I don’t often show to the rest of the world – the parts that can be silent for long periods of time, keep to themselves, and have a million thoughts running in their mind even if externally no one else seems to notice much. It’s important to have a wide range of styles you can pull off in this industry, and I think there’s a lot I can gain from embodying Han’s attitude for a while.

Daewi is a bit of an introvert. Silent and shelled. But a man on a mission. How do you channel a sense of realism in someone like that from behind the screen?

This might come as a surprise, but channeling that kind of energy is fairly effortless in my case; the extroverted attitude I put on in social settings stems from a desire to make myself “worth peoples’ time” but it is not how I usually carry myself when on my own. It’s super easy for me to do my own thing for hours at a time without saying a single word, and a good number of my friends would say with confidence that I always seem to be busy with something – even to the detriment of my sleep schedule or free time. The only real difference is finding ways to prevent that “bubbly socialite” side of me from overlapping with Daewi’s more calm demeanor.

the god of high school

Staying on topic, Daewi enters the tournament with the hope that he wins it in order to help his dying friend. During the course of the first arc of the series, things change, how does that affect Daewi’s moral compass?

I’m not sure I could answer this without giving far too many hints as to what exactly happens (and why it changed him as a result), so I think that’s actually something the fans should watch and see happen for themselves!

Does his personal goal benefit his newly formed friendships or does it hinder them?

I think it does both, depending on where his focus is at the moment.The problem is that Daewi might put most of his focus on a specific task at a given moment – for example, fighting to save his dying friend – and it comes at the cost of not paying as much attention to even the nearby friends who are more immediately involved with his daily business. This isn’t necessarily a flaw, but more of a defining feature (and something common with introverts) – he makes very few overall friendships but those same friendships are very devoted and genuine ones in a “quality over quantity” sense.

In what ways will fans be able to connect with Daewi as they embark on this very personal journey alongside him?

If you’re an introvert, I’m sure you’ll find a lot of elements in Daewi that you personally identify or empathize with, and I hope it helps you better understand how you function and how to express your needs to the people who matter most to you. If you’re more like Jin Mori and see Daewi as a foil to your personality, I hope it helps you better understand your friends who he reminds you of so that you can make even stronger connections in your own life!

the god of high school

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