Fire Force Season 2, Episode 1 – A Fire Soldier’s Fight (Review)

Fire Force

Fire Force Season 2 is here! Shinra and the rest of the Special Fire Force Company 8 are off to a fiery and a pleasantly nude start!

Fire Force is back and the premiere episode of season two was both fun and action-packed, to say the least. Special Fire Force Company 8 face-off with a giant infernal and have made a new discovery regarding this infernal. This is infernal is one with not one, not two, but five cores in total, and in order to put this infernal to rest, all five cores must be broken.

Fire Force

It’s an amazing team battle and an epic one to say the least and this episode and fight really more specifically, really showcased the upgrade in visuals for the anime all around and the upgrade in effects for the powers displayed for our beloved pyrokinetics. As the team assembles it is ultimately up to Shinra to put this giant infernal to rest.

Outside of the amazing battle to set the stage for what season two will be, this episode was overall fun and had some really pleasant and funny moments throughout the remainder of the episodes. The episode shines through these moments especially when we come across the revelation that the entirety of the Special Fire Force is prepping for the yearly calendar shoot. This, of course, sends everyone into a frenzy and Fire Company 8 is looking to get to the top and get over the competition, old and new. Even more, now that Rekka is now a goner.

Seeing Princess Hibana melts over Shinra even more than what she was during season one was great too. I’m a bit jelly of Shinra because princess Hibana is waifu material. Sorry not up for debate!

The opening theme, SPARK-AGAIN by Aimer also gets you pumped for the episode you are about to watch. Although not yet as memorable as Inferno by Mrs. Green Apple, I’m sure the opening will grow on me during the first cour of this season. Fire Force is listed for 24 episodes so I’m sure we’ll have a second opening to accompany the second half of the season.

Overall, Fire Force Season 2 is off to a very hot start, and just like season one, it is a must-watch series during this summer anime season! Episode 1 snow streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation. Funimation screened both Episode 1 and Episode 2 this past weekend during FunimationCon. For those who missed the screening can catch the new episode this coming Friday when it airs on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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Fire Force Season 2 is off to a fiery start truly setting the pace and tone for the season overall. We are in for a treat once again!

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