The Curious Face of Bray Wyatt!

WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt is both an enigmatic and charismatic individual as one of its top stars on the roster. It’s also no secret that he has also wrestling lineage in his blood: born Windham Lawrence Rotunda, he is the grandson to the legendary Blackjack Mulligan, son of wrestling superstar Mike Rotunda, brother to fellow wrestler Bo Dallas and nephew to both Barry and Kendall Windham. Since being cleared to wrestle after surgery from an injury, speculation rose as when he would return. We finally got our answer almost three months ago: Wyatt revealed a brand new persona on a episode edition of WWE Monday Night Raw!

Wyatt addressed viewers via pre-taped segment that aired during the show. The new persona/gimmick came off his weekly vignettes where he was portraying as a creepy, Mister Rogers-type host of a kiddie show titled Firefly Fun House, complete with talking puppets and backdrops. The move left many fans confused athat a talent like Wyatt was being wasted with such a parody gimmick.

However, seemed like WWE ended up pulling a fast one! — The reveal? Wyatt ‘s new alter ego: ‘The Fiend’, a leather-clad wearing, killer clown with a grotesque mask that resembles a cross between the New 52’s The Joker and The Clown from “Spawn”!

On the plus side, Wyatt has been dubbed “The New Face Of Fear” for the past couple of years for his intimidating and menacing look during his heel run. So, the masked gimmick does work and also tends to favor him. Also, not a bad way to reinvent yourself and your character by keeping it fresh.

The Con? The kiddie show host aspect does not suit him. That part of the gimmick should be been scrapped altogether. Wyatt should have been re-introduced as this masked terror, cutting cryptic and haunting promos as he was someone new coming to wreck fear and havoc on the roster – at least before being revealed that he is the one under the mask. It’s also a given that Wyatt works best as a heel!

This will be the second time that Wyatt gets repackaged and third time his character gets updated. He was initially introduced via NXT as Husky Harris, a pudgy yet agile wrestler and later a member of the now-defunct faction, Nexus. Then, he returned as Bray Wyatt, a charismatic cult dressed in beige/white khakis and colorful buttoned shirts. The character was updated and turned into “The Eater Of Worlds”, boasting a darker look, complete with new tattoos, dreadlocks and even supernatural powers. Not to mention, becoming “The New Face Of Fear” and forming his own faction The Wyatt Family (alongside wrestlers Luke Harper, Erik Rowan and later, Braun Strowman). Even throughout this time, he had some major success as a top heel that resulted in many main event matches and feuds with stints as WWE World Heavyweight Champion and Tag Team Champion.

Both the Husky and Wyatt personas and their updates have been well received by fans. We’ll have to wait and see how WWE will be handling Wyatt’s new direction as The Fiend in the weeks and months to come. Here’s hoping the character gets developed properly and given time for fans to get invested in the same way. For the sake of Bray Wyatt.

photos: WWE