DC Collectibles “Artist Alley” Designer Series by Chrissie Zullo

DC Comics’ Collectibles have released a series of designer vinyl figures designed by artist and illustrator Chrissie Zullo and sculptor Irene Matar as part of their new “Artist Alley” series.

Since being discovered via DC Comics Talent search nearly a decade ago, Zullo has worked within the comic book industry, doing illustrations and design work on interiors, covers, and variants for multiple titles and publishers. According to her bio, her “work is modern in both origin (using both analog and digital tools in her work) and subject matter (video games, films by Miyazaki, Disney, Star Wars) and while it covers many subjects, an aura of joy and positivity emerges from each piece she creates.”

That can be said with her being the first artist chosen to kickstart the “Artist Alley” figure series collection. The first wave contains Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl and Hawkgirl – in a little over 6 inches tall and sculpted in beautiful, high vinyl detail by Matar with big, wide eyes and cute cartoony disposition that is notable in Zullo’s art.

Wonder Woman is positioned with one hand on her hip, shield around her back and her other hand holding her sword just in front of her. She is adorned with a rendition of Gal Gadot’s version of her costume with vibrant color scheme of red, gold and blue. She flowing hair is behind her and has a sassy facial expression reminiscing of a smirk.

The super cute Supergirl figure comes with Streaky, the cat. She’s brilliantly colored and positioned in a classic superhero pose with hands on hips, showcasing both a commanding but good-hearten presence. The figure was upgraded from Zullo’s original drawing – with her Streaky at her feet.

Hawkgirl is the slightly tallest figure of the bunch at nearly 7 inches tall! She’s standing atop a small cluster of cloud. Lots of detail throughout her helmet, costume and wings which makes her standout. Her white eyes from her helmet draws your eyes to her face!

The fan favorite of the bunch is sure to be the Batgirl statue: aside from sporting a modified retro-version of her purple-and-yellow costume, she sitting on a Batgirl-themed scooter instead of a traditional base – a design much different from the other three. Her facial expression gives off her sense of crime-fighting action and adventure.

  • All four of these vinyl figures are limited to 3,000 pieces
  • Come individually numbered with original artwork for each figure in their own respective box.
  • The figurines were released last month in July.
  • Retail price for each figure is $60.00 US.

Images: Chrissie Zullo | DC Collectibles