Paramount’s Sonic The Hedgehog movie released its first official trailer this past week and the internet’s reaction to Sonic’s design was less than pleasant. Fans didn’t shy away from making jokes on Sonic’s inaccurate design and how much of a nightmare inducing site it turned out to be.

After the backlash, Sonic The Hedgehog movie director Jeff Fowler took to Twitter to reveal that he and his team will go back to the drawing board and redesign Sonic and give him a more accurate look in order to please the fans.

It’s very rare that you see social media backlash taken into account for the better. I’m looking at you WB and Justice League. In this case, Jeff Fowler, Paramount and SEGA have all taken into account the criticism and rushed back to make changes, which is a good thing.

There’s high potential here with this Sonic movie if it’s done correctly.

In the meantime you can check out the trailer for the movie at the beginning of this article and you can check out all three official posters below:

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