DC Comics Switches Variant Cover Solicitations to ACTION COMICS #1015

DC Comics is replacing the originally-solicited variant cover to Action Comics #1015. The original solicitation on DC Previews had a regular cover by artist David Marquez and a variant cover by artist Gabrielle Dell’ Otto. The new variant being solicited is a painted cover by artist Lucio Parrillo.

No reason for his cover change has been given. However, seeing that the issue has rookie superhero Naomi making an appearance as she heads to Metropolis to find Superman as well as meet the Justice League, the new cover goes more in terms with story.

Original solicited image of Superman by Dell ‘Otto on the left. The new solicited image of Superman and Naomi by Parillo on the right. — Side note: Check out Naomi’s costume which was designed by her series artist, Jamal Campbell!!

Most likely, Dell ‘Otto’s cover will be postponed and/or pushed to be solicited again for a cover in the future. The book is scheduled to hit comic shops on September 25 ▪

Regular cover to Action Comics #1015 by artist David Marquez.

Original solicitation to Action Comics #1015 by DC Previews.