My Hero Academia is back after a week-long break, coming back in Full Cowl and going Beyond, Plus Ultra! This week’s episode picks up exactly where Episode 4 (66) left off and emotions are at peak levels, adrenaline is pumping and the building tensions could’ve lead to a literal explosive episode. But thats the great thing about My Hero Academia, it builds up the story points for high payoffs later.

As the tensions build, more revelations and secrets are brought into the light. We know a little bit more about Eri the “daughter” of Overhaul. We do not know her Quirk as of right now but we do know, that she quivers in fear while in the presence of Overhaul. We also find out that she is integral to Overhaul’s evil plans. She begs for Deku’s help and suspicions rise, Mirio, Lemillion has to intervene before a disaster happens.

Nighteye is informed of this encounter between Overhaul, Eri, Deku, and Mirio. He reveals that he’s asked for assistance in the ongoing investigation of the Shie Hissaikai and their leader Overhaul. He also has a pretty solid moment where he has to put Deku in his place and warn him about emotionally driven rash decisions. As he is fully aware of how emotionally driven Deku is and how that can tamper with some of his actions.

We now follow Deku on his search for All Might, as he is now seeking the truth that All Might has been hiding from him ever since he was chosen as All Might’s successor. Going back a few episodes ago, Nighteye revealed to Deku that Mirio was the more worthy successor of One For all. A revelation that has taken a toll on Deku emotionally. When Deku finally catches up to All Might he asks for the truth, and the truth is unsettling.

All Might finally reveals to Deku why he and Nighteye are no longer on speaking terms. As All Might briefs Deku of his past, we get the most heartwrenching news from the Symbol of Peace…..he is dying. And in a year or two, he will meet his demise. It is here that we see why All Might chose Deku as his successor. They both have the same drive. That never give up and keep fighting attitude. They both want to save the world and they both want to bring peace. They’re both one and the same. All Might reveals how much Deku has changed him and how he knew that this revelation would be a deterrent to Deku’s journey in becoming the Number One Hero.

This is hands down one of the best MHA episodes to date, and while things seem to be getting darker, our heroes are looking to be the shining light at the end of the tunnel. These young heroes will be put to the test and I cannot wait to see how they will overcome their forthcoming obstacles.

My Hero Academia Season 4 is now streaming on Hulu, Funimation, and Crunchyroll.